MAC Lunar collection gives us New Year feels


Just when you thought MAC had done it all (lets face it, they've had some pretty epic launches this year, haven't they?!), they go and prove you wrong. That's right, feast your eyes on the Lunar New Year Collection!

Its not yet clear if the collection is an Asia exclusive, but there are rumours around that its also going to hit the US in January, so keep an eye out. 

Sneak peek

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This sneak peek came from a MAC make up artist through his Insta and has had tongues wagging since!

The collection looks to have a brand new style packaging for MAC; rather than the sleek black bullets and palettes we're used to they've opted for a trendy and super-cute ombre design with golden embellishments - a real standout for the new collection. 

The set will feature 5 brand new lipsticks in a range of finishes;

. Good Health - A peach nude with a satin finish

. Pure Happiness - A sheer baby pink  with creme sheen finish

. To Luck! - A classic dusty rose with matte finish

. Peachy New Year - A peach with golden hints and a satin finish

. Prosperity - a bright pink coral with a matte finish

A 'Luck and Fortune' 9-pan shadow palette filled with what looks to be like soft pastel shades and smokey hues in a mix of finishes. Plus, a split-pan powder blush duo named 'Love Token'.

We will update you when we hear more about the collection but for now you can shop our very own range of items in our online store - we have new pieces and a new design coming for 2018!