New Year Skincare Tips

Now that the new year has hit many of us make an extra effort to take care of ourselves and our bodies - but how about our skin?! Our skin is so precious and also very delicate, it needs daily care to look its best and be in tip-top condition, so how about putting some of those Christmas presents to use and adopting some new year skin care tricks?! Today, we're sharing our faves with you!

Be sure to use a gentle scrub on the face and a coarser one over the body one to two times a week, you could even use an exfoliating brush to optimise the process and results!

Bodyshop anti-bac / Jo Malone / LUSH / Bodyshop Cream / Bath and Body works / CarexBurts Bees

One of the first things to show your age is your hands, so prevent ageing before it starts by caring for your hands now! Use antibacterial gels to keep hands clean and hygienic as well as regular applications of hand cream. You can buy smaller tubes to keep in your handbag and larger ones to keep around the house so you never forget.
For extra intense care opt for a hand mask, the product will work deep into the skin and leave it feeling super soft and refreshed!

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You may not realise it but there are still tons of products on the shelves which are packed full of irritants, toxins and parabens. This can be particularly problematic if you have sensitive skin. When you next shop for your skincare items be sure to check out the listed ingredients to make sure they are natural and suitable for your skin type. There are plenty of brands offering natural skincare products, from luxury to drugstore, so take your pick! 


There are often new and 'trendy' products being launched; think glitter face masks, magnetic charcoal masks and the like, and although they may be cool they aren't always exactly the best option for your skin.
Some ingredients may strongly disagree with your skin type and can actually have a detrimental effect to your skincare routine, so even though you may be tempted to try new fad products, its always best to stick with what you know is safe and  good for your skin! 

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