Primark or Fenty; can you guess?!

Dupes are nothing new in the beauty world. Budget brands of often create pieces heavily 'inspired by' more luxe brands, but people were especially surprised to see what looked like dupes of Rhiannas' Fenty beauty pieces popping up in Primark stores recently.

The 'Pure' collection, launched by Primark, was teased on their insta in a short video showing various pieces in the line as well as models wearing them. The geometric shapes and clean design of the products and packaging leans heavily towards Rhiannas' Fenty design, so these pieces are ideal for those wanting some Fenty vibes on a tighter budget.

In the collection, you can expect to find an eye shadow palette ($5), gloss lipsticks ($3), a 'Glow elixir' primer, and even 2 iridescent highlighters ($3), whereas a palette from the Fenty line will set you back £59, a Fenty lip product costs up to $24 and a highlighter will cost you $34. The Pure line also offers 'double dimension' pigment pots, a 'double dimension' fluid highlight and a contour palette.

Though you might expect them to be sub-par for the price point, reviews of Primark's Pure collection have been mostly positive, with lots of people enjoying the shadow palette in particular.

The collection is available now through UK Primark stores and will hopefully be making its way to US shores soon.