Pink Champagne Afternoon Tea Look

Its June, the sun is here and its time to enjoy many an afternoon tea in a garden with friends and loved ones. Sometimes a spontaneous tea is just fine, but other times, nothing but the fanciest will do, so today we are here to share a look which is just perfect for those special occasion afternoon teas, so grab a flute of prosecco and join us!


For a glowing skin start by moisturising; this will keep your skin smooth and supple and will create the perfect base for your foundation. 

We then took our Bella&Bear Jaguar Angled Kabuki and some BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation and we blended it over the face and down the neck with outward strokes for a streak free finish.

To follow, we used some Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and our Bella&Bear Golden Cat Small Concealer Brush to disguise any dark areas or blemishes on the face. Be sure to to pull the product outward to allow it to blend in with your foundation seamlessly.

Lastly for our base we took our Bella&Bear Tiger brush and a translucent setting powder and we dusted it all over the face for a matte finish. We used the ELF Studio HD Powder.

For this look we want to create show stopping eyes, so a primer is a must! Start by generously applying some Urban Decay Primer Potion to the lids up to the brow bone and then go in with your Bella&Bear Margay Cat brush and a matte cream shadow and dust it all over the lid. We used the MUA Elysium palette for the eyes in this look.

Then, using the same brush, apply a matte taupe shade into the crease of the lid to start creating some definition in the sockets.

Following this, use your Bella&Bear Pampas Cat Brush and a brown shimmer shadow to continue carving the crease out. Use a windscreen wiper motion to apply your shadow all along the crease and below the lower lash line too - this will make the eyes appear larger!

Finally, for that show stopping effect we are going to 'spotlight' the eyes. This is a technique in which you apply a shimmer or metallic shadow directly to the centre of the lid for ultimate glow! We used our Bella&Bear Iromote brush (you could also use the Golden Cat Brush) and a shimmer pink shadow and pressed it onto the centre of the lid, repeating until pleased with the effect. 

Now lets create some brow drama. Start by brushing through the brow hairs with the spoolie end of your Bella&Bear Iberian lynx brush to create a rough shape and neaten the hairs.

You can then use the brush end to apply your fave brow product to the brows, filling them in and defining the shape. We are loving the Freedom makeup Brow Pomade right now.

Let's go back and finish those eyes now. Taking our Bella&Bear Caracal liner brush (or our new Serval angled liner brush) we are going to create a thin wing of liner along the top lash line. We used some Collection Fast Stroke Liner for our product here.

After, we applied a coat of our fave mascara to our top and bottom lashes and then went in with some falsies. We used a set of natural looking falsies for this look as we wanted a your-lashes-but-better effect and we placed them as close to the natural lash line as possible using our Bella&Bear angled tweezers.

We want to bring a little colour to the face now, so taking our Bella&Bear Bobcat Angled Blush brush and a matte bronzer we dusted the hollows of the cheeks and the temples. We love Benefits Hoola bronzer for this - did you know they also have a lighter version of the product now too!

Then, for some darling radiance we went in with a killer highlight. Taking our Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fiber powder brush and some champagne highlight from the IHeartMakeup Blushing Hearts in 'Hot Summer of Love' we generously applied it to the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the browbones and the cupids bow. This brush is ideal for applying an even amount of product onto the skin!

For the lips, we opted for a matte finish product to keep the focus on those dazzling eyes. Using our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip brush we applied some LimeCrime Lip velvetine in 'Buffy', allowing it to dry completely before spritzing the face with a setting spray - we used Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray.

We're keeping things simple and sophisticated with our hair. Let's start by brushing through with our Bella&Bear The Bear Paddle brush to remove those pesky knots and tangles and to give a shiny finish. You can part your hair however you prefer.

We then took a section of hair at the front of the head and left it to hang down, clipping back the rest of the hair so it is out of the way. Then, taking that section we are slicking it down, smoothing it as close to the head as possible and we are going to tuck it behind our ear, using a bobbypoin to keep it in place. You can then let the rest of the hair down and repeat on the other side.

You're ready! Pull on a frock, serve up your best bubbles and top with a strawberry. Get ready for giggles and cakes in your very own afternoon tea!

We hope you enjoyed this look, don't forget that all Bella&Bear pieces used here can be found in our online store right now - and you can get 15% off of you Kitten brush set with code 'KITTEN15'. Score!