Summer HairCare Guide

During the warmer months we can often forget about our hair - it gets shoved up into a bun and left to its own devices; frizziness, dryness and brittleness to name a few, oh dear! But there are a few simple ways you can keep your hair in its best condition despite the heat, just check out our guide below!


Not only is water great for hydrating you and keeping your hair healthy and shiny, but infused waters can also have other great benefits! Check out some of our fave recipes above. Be sure to lightly crush herbs and slice fruits and veg for full effect - and allow them to infuse with your water in the fridge overnight! Tasty!


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During the warmer months, try to wash your hair every other day to avoid a build up of sweat and oils, which can result in grimey, limp hair! Eek! Choose a nourishing or moisturising shampoo too, to combat those potentially damaging and drying heat rays! Your hair will be shiny and sleek in no time!


When the weather heats up hair can become dry and brittle, so switch up your harsh hair brush for a comb for gentler detangling comb - our Bella&Bear Brush on You Detangling set is ideal! Your hair will be just as smooth and sleek but without the pulling and damage!


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Not only is it a chance for some relaxation time, but using a deeply nourishing hair mask once a week during the warmer months will really help to keep your hair in top condition from root to tip! Generously apply your mask, brush your hair through with your Bella&Bear Brush on You Comb, wrap it up in a towel and leave it to work its magic!


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Alongside using your gentle comb, be sure to regularly spritz your hair with a leave in conditioner to keep it soft, protected and hydrated throughout the day - particularly after you've been swimming! You can even choose one with added SPF for extra protection!

You can shop for your very own Bella&Bear comb in our online store right now - as well as all of our other gorgeous pieces! What are your fave summer hair care tips?!