September Blogger of the Month - Jasmine Maria

September is here and as we prepare to welcome Fall, we are also excited to welcome our brand new Blogger of the Month. This month, we've selected Jasmine of Jasmine Maria Blog. She is a real inspiration; business-headed, confident, hard-working and kind-hearted. September also marks the month of her birthday so please join us in wishing her many happy returns!

1. Hey there Jasmine! Tell us a little about yourself and your blog!
Okay first off, hello to the Bella&Bear readers. I'm so excited to be the blogger of the month for September, as this is my birth month and I will be turning the big 3-0. I'm Jasmine, I'm a mom of two boys Rylan(9) and Landon(7), I'm a BRIDE-TO-BE, makeup artist, fur mama to 2 chihuahuas and a U.S. based beauty + lifestyle blogger at Jasmine Maria Blog. When you visit my blog you pretty much find everything from beauty reviews, tips, makeup looks, life + style and my wedding series. I have been blogging since 2015 full-time. 

2. You've been blogging since 2015, as well as raising 2 young boys, planning a wedding (congratulations!) and running a mobile makeup business! What keeps you inspired to be such a girl boss?
Honestly, sometimes I forget how much a girl boss I am lol. I guess what inspired me to be such a girl boss were my boys and fiance. I was working dead-end jobs and was completely unhappy. I knew that something had to change. When I told my fiance in early 2015 that I wanted to quit my job and do something that was going to make me happy which was running a beauty blog, he was so supportive and on board. He actually told me to do it because I would be good at it. Without hesitation, I quit my dead-end job, took the plunge. I dedicated all of my time and money to make sure that my blog was growing and successful. I just had to do something where I knew I was able to be that stay-at-home mom that I always wanted to be and talk about beauty products. I am so proud for doing this because not many people will take that leap in their life to do something that they love.  

3. As a busy mom, how do you prioritise your beauty and skincare regime? What is the one product you just couldn't leave the house without?
Listen, when my boys were 5 & 3 I had to come up with quick beauty routines meaning making sure that I was spending 30 mins or less on doing my makeup. But when it came to skincare, that was easy to do because I would always make sure that I would wash my face and put on moisturizer after brushing my teeth in the morning. Once the boys are in bed, that's when I dedicate a longer skincare routine. I can do face wash, masks, etc.. because I get that time to myself. As the boys get older, I have more time for it. 

One product I couldn't leave the house with is my brow products. Brows are everything to me.

4. Your engagement shoot photos are just stunning! Will you be doing your own makeup on your wedding day? What kind of look will you go for?
Thank you so much! I will be doing my own makeup for my wedding. I think as a makeup artist, I know what I want and like when it comes to wedding makeup. I haven't decided if I want to do a natural subtle look, romantic or go bold for fall. For my wedding series, I am creating different bridal looks for fall & winter, so who knows maybe one of those will be my look ;) 

5. Your insta feed is stunning! How do you get that perfect shot?
Take a thousand shots lol! But in all seriousness, I do take a lot of photos from different angles and when I go through them, I determine which ones I like best and even then sometimes not all of them make it to the blog or IG
6. As mentioned, you have your own make-up business, making women feel amazing on days that are the most special to them! What would you say is your #1 makeup tip for anyone just starting out?
Skincare is so important. That is seriously my best advice and #1 tip. I can't express that enough. I always tell brides that cleansing your face and adding a moisturizer (at least) can do all the difference. You have no idea how many clients have told me that they don't wash off their makeup or wash their face at all. That breaks my heart. 

7. We saw on your blog that you have begun decorating for Fall! How exciting! How does your skincare and beauty regimen change with the seasons?
I am legit that crazy person who decorates for fall mid-August. I am naturally oily skin, so in the summer, my skin gets completely oily fast. Which means I tend to use products that control oils. But because I live in Wisconsin, I tend to have combo skin in the fall/winter. A lot of my products change, even cleansers but I do add a lot more of hydrating products. 

8. What is your favourite Bella&Bear piece?
I freaking love everything from Bella&Bear including their travel cosmetic bag I took it with me to the Bahamas. But if I had to pick 1 piece, it would have to be the Kitten Makeup Brush set. I love how many brushes you get in the kit and how amazing they work. I have a set for myself and my freelance kit. 

Isn't Jasmine just wonderful?! We had such a blast featuring her and getting to know her better, we especially love the fact that she uses her Kitten brushes for her makeup clients! If you'd like to see more of Jasmines work just visit her blog, Twitter or her gorgeous insta! As a special treat we are also offering Jasmine's readers - new and returning - 15% off of any Bella&Bear order throughout the entirety of her feature month. Simply enter code 'JMARIA15' at the checkout in our store!