Surprising Uses for your tweezers

You've invested in a new set of Bella&Bear 'The Pluckers' tweezers and you might have noticed there are 3 types inside; slanted, pointed and flat. Tweezers have all different kinds of uses and different types of tweezers can be particularly handy for certain tasks. Tweezers aren't just used for hair removal! Have you tried any of these tricks?


Fiddly falsies are a thing of the past when you have a set of tweezers to hand. Use flat or angled tweezers to gently hold on to the falsies and apply glue along the band - no more sticky fingers or messed up lashes. You can then use the tweezers to apply the falsies as close to your natural lash line as possible, making them undetectable and oh-so natural! 


Festival season is here and that means many of us are embellishing our nails and skin with all kinds of sequins, glitter and gems! Smaller gems can be tricky to get a hold of (especially if you have wet polish), so use a pair of pointed tweezers to pick gems up and place them exactly where you want them to go! No more pushing them around trying to get them to the right spot and messing up your work!


Pointed tweezers are the perfect piece of first-aid kit for removing pesky splinters from the skin. They are precise and have a firm grip so they will make light work of splinters of thorns buried in the skin - just be sure to clean them with a disinfectant first to avoid dirt getting into the wound and any infections 


If you're the proud owner of an extensive jewellery collection then you'll probably all too familiar with the dreaded tangled necklace situation! It's a nightmare when those thin-chained necklaces twist and wrap around themselves creating the smallest, most fiddly knots that you just cant pull apart with your fingers. That's where your pointed tweezers come in handy! You can use the fine, pointed tip to get right into the knot and pull it apart to loosen it, you'll then be able to use your fingers to un-tie the knot and wear your fave necklace once again!  

You can pick up your own set of the Bella&Bear 'The Pluckers' tweezers in our online store right now! They come with their very own storage pouch making them perfect for travelling with and keeping them away from harmful dirt and bacteria!