Switch up your skincare for Fall

With the change in season so comes a change in our skin. No matter whether you've spent the last few months at the beach or in the shade, you'll need to adjust your skincare routine to fit with the shift in the temperature and environment.


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Cleansing is still an important step during the autumn months. During summer we reached for lighter cleansers; gels and foams - but when the air gets colder and more drying (meaning your skin produces less oil) its time to use a lotion based or cream cleanser. Be sure to use it twice a day; morning and night. You can still of course choose a cleanser to suit your skin needs but don't forget to opt for a richer product this time of year.


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Even though you'd think that exfolaiting the skin would make it even drier during the fall, it is actually an effective way to reduce flaky, patchy skin meaning smooth makeup application. Just remember that you don't need to exfoliate daily; once or twice a week will do the trick this time of year.


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Toning is a great way to improve elasticity in your skin keeping it young and fresh so don't skip it when fall comes around; just switch it up. Avoid alcohol based toners which will just dry the skin out further and instead reach for witch hazel infused toners - which hazel is great at cleaning the skin without stripping it of essential oils.


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Artificial heat (heating and heaters) and brisk air really dry the skin out in the autumn and although moisturiser is a key way to combat this, sometimes the product wont sink deep enough into the skin - hello hydrating masks.

Aim to use a mask in your skincare routine once a week, you can choose one from our recommendations, or blend your own at home; be sure to include ingredients like mashed bananas, yogurt, honey and coconut oil! Your Bella&Bear Ocelot concealer brush doubles up as a perfect mask applying brush! 


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Now is the time to reach for those rich, creamy moisturisers to inject some glow back into your skin.

Gel lotions were great in the summer but be sure to switch to a richer cream lotion for the fall. If you have particularly dry skin (or days where your skin is drier than others) then another option is to choose a targeted oil, simply add a couple of drops in with your moisturiser and apply as usual!


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Your precious pout can get all kinds of dry during the autumn; chapped, flaky and cracked - just no!

Be sure to always keep a lip balm to hand so you can re-apply throughout the day. You can also use a sugar scrub every couple of days to slough off dead skin and keep your lips soft and kissable. Use the spoolie end of your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brush to gently pull of dead flaky skin in an instant.


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It is often said that the hands are the first thing to give away your age - so don't neglect them in the cold months when they can really get damaged. 

Your hands can get super dry and sore when the winds pick up so be sure to start moisturising them as early as now, before any damage happens. Keep a hand cream in your bag for on-the-go applications!

What are your top tips for fall skincare? Share them with us on Social Media! And don't forget you can find all of the Bella&Bear tools mentioned in today's post in our online store right now - we have a killer sale on!