The 2017 Nail Trend Everyone is Talking About

Nail art may only have hit our radars a couple of years back, but it has grown like wildfire since, with techniques that range from dreamy to downright crazy (aquaruim nails we're looking at you!), and we are so excited to have discovered the next big thing to hit the mani world - the Wire manicure. Sounds kooky right? Well, the good news is that you can wear this trend with any nail length - nail biters rejoice!

Eun Kyung Park, founder of ultra famous Unistella salon in Seoul, South Korea came up with the radical new idea, taking inspiration from old-school neon signs. She recently debuted the look on Instagram and set mouths chattering.

The mani involves using tweezers (did someone say Bella&Bear pointed tweezers?!) to bend and place ultra-thin strands of gold wire onto the nails and setting them in place with a gel polish, giving a totally unique and one off design! The result is beautifully subtle, and looks perfect when finished with a nude or shell base. Low maintenance gals, this is definitely one for you!

Would you rock a wire mani?