The Beauty & The Beast Polish Collection We All Want to Own

The new live action 'Beauty and the Beast' movie is set to hit our screens on March 17 and the internet has pretty much been in melt down since the first teaser trailer released. Fans and brands are going mad for the movie, with all sorts of new pieces being released - but the one we are most excited for is the Morgan Taylor Laquer X Gelish collection. 

The collection is set to drop this month and features 6 shades named after our favourite characters and moments of the movie - as well as an opulent topper to give the shades a Baroque inspired antique look. So, be our guest, and view the upcoming collection below.

The six shades will be released by Morgan Taylor for $9 and Gelish in mini form for $12.99. We think the shades are perfect for spring 


'Enchanted Patina' is also set to be released at part of the collection, as a single and as part of gift sets, so you can really give your new princess mani a magical finish!

The collection will launch later this month, but for now you can watch the final official trailer for the movie.