The Bobbypin Eyeliner Hack You Need in Your Life!

Bobbypins. We go through, like, a hundred a month, right? As great as they are they seriously seem to have a mind of their own and no sooner have you put them down have they gone missing again. But for today's beauty hack you're just gonna need one - so send out a search party and keep it in your makeup bag forever more!

This little hack is invaluable and will, hopefully, save you some serious time in the morning, too!

You can go ahead and do your base makeup - if you usually do it first - and your eye shadow, and once your done with that, just take your bobby pin, and your favourite liquid eyeliner; we love the Collection Eye Fast Stroke liner - and your just going to brush the liner onto the tip of the bobbypin to where the points meet - as you can see in the image above, be sure not to flood it with eyeliner though or it wont make a neat line!

Then line the tip of the bobby pin up to your eye, you can angle this depending on how you want your wing to appear, and firmly press it against the skin. You will need to work fairly quickly with this as liquid eyeliner sets speedily!

Keep the bobbypin pressed against your skin for 5-10 seconds and then pull it away to reveal a instant wing!

you can then go on to repeat this on your other eye - be sure to flip the bobbypin over to get the right shape for your other eye!

Once this is done you can opt to keep your eyeliner as it is for a 'graphic liner' look a la Emma Watson, or you can grab your Bella&Bear Caracal Liner Brush (or your Serval Angled Liner Brush) and fill in the wing and link it up to the lash line as we have done!

You're set! You can now go in with your fave mascara or falsies and you'll be ready to rock the day with a set of even, neat wings! This hack may seem a little fiddly but it is honestly so simple to master - and you'll be glad you did!

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