5 simple ways to update your bedroom

Whether you live at home with parents or are out on your own, something we can all agree on is that breathing some new life into your bedroom really creates a sense of motivation, happiness and personal tranquillity. You may feel that you have to invest in some big pieces and spend a fortune to change up your bedroom, but don't worry, we at Bella&Bear know that that the devil is in the details and we've got some simple and cost effective tips to update your bedroom space!

1.Nap Cushion / 2. Be our guest Cushion / 3. Aqua Tassel Cushion / 4. Pineapple Cushion / 5. Garden Birds Cushion / 6.Cat motif Cushion

Scatter cushions are a God send as they are affordable and come in a million-and-one designs so you can literally design a brand new bed area using them! You can layer them up with prints and bold, block colours for a modern look or stick with neutral, lace embellished once for timeless elegance.

1.Aloe Plant / 2.Oil Slick Terrarium / 3.Bamboo plant / 4.Tropical plant / 5.Yucca plant 6.Potted Succulent / 7.Potted cactus / 8.Copper potted plant /

It is said that having plants in the home can aid with breathing, deter illnesses and they can even clean the air. Whether this is true or not we think that having plants in your room is a really nice idea; plants bring life and colour to your room, and with so many varieties to choose from you really cant go wrong. Succulent and Cacti terrariums are really popular and trendy right now and even if you're not in it for the hype, they are super easy to care for so they are a very good choice for the busy or non-green fingered type! You can also accessorise your houseplants with beautiful pots; whether glass, cracked, mosaic or block colour, there will be something to suit every kind of room.

1. Star marquee light / 2.Fairy light bell jar / 3.Flamingo lights /  4. Wire effect lamp / 5.Cinema lightbox / 6.Lightbulb lamp / 7.Antler lamp

Decorative lighting is perfect for the bedroom as you can have dimmer lights for relaxation or brighter ones for when you're busy working or tidying. Marquee lights are all the rage right now, they feature vintage bulbs and come in a variety of designs, from shapes to letters, which makes them a great personalisation piece for your room. If you're looking to update your bedside lighting then we think these wire effect lamps are perfect, they are simple and sleek yet stylish and the lampshade could be customised to match your interior easily. Perhaps you want to add a lighting feature to a guest room? Cinema light boxes are the answer - you can change the wording to suit your guest situation; from wifi passwords to welcome greetings, the list is endless.

1.Kindness print / 2. Today print /  3. Paris print / 4.Foil print / 5.Bee print / 6.Dignity Print  

Typography prints are an easy way to add a statement to your room, and you can choose a print which means something to you; a quote you love, a motivational piece or anything really, and you can choose a special font and even a frame to match your decor. These make a great alternative to posters (which can get tatty) and also look great in home offices.

1.Unicorn ring holder / 2. Lumiere / 3.Eiffel tower / 4.Tealight holder / 5.Brush holder

An ornament or two is a great way to add a personal touch to your room. Keep your trinkets safe with a cute new ring holder, add a touch of elegance with a mini Eiffel tower or even use your Bella&Bear brush holder to display your fave brushes (P.S - it's 25% off right now with code 'EASTERBB') - you can really get creative with ornaments, laying them out wherever you think they look good and creating an atmosphere with them - just remember less is more!

We hope you enjoy updating your bedroom, it really is that easy - and its super fun and therapeutic too! Share your pics with us on our social media to inspire others!