Valentines; kawaii look

Lets try something a little different this Valentines. Todays look is perfect for Galentines Gatherings or parties and is the ultimate in cute - it is kawaii after all! Get ready for lots of pink, sparkles and smiles all round!


We're going to start with the eyes here, lets first apply some Benefit Stay dont stray primer onto the lids and right up to the brow bone. This will intensify the colours of our shadows and prevent them from creasing.

Next, we are taking a candy pink shadow from our BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 60s palette and were working it right over the lid, up to the crease using our Bella&Bear Sand cat brush.

Now lets use our Bella&Bear Bornean bay cat brush to work a matte hot pink shadow (from the same palette) into the outer corner and inner corner of each eye, leaving a blank spot on the middle of the lid.

Lets get sparkly now! We spritz our Bella&Bear Golden cat brush with some fixing spray (we love the Urban Decay All Nighter) and dip it into some baby pink glitter - be sure to use skin safe glitter- and we press it firmly onto that blank spot in the centre of the lid.

 We are now taking our Bella&Bear serval angled liner brush and dipping it into the Essence liner cushion. We use it to draw in a wing along the upper lash line.

We follow this by curling the lashes with our very own Bella&Bear Eye and Mighty curlers for adorable lift! To lock that curl in we go over the lashes with a generous coat of the Maybelline lash sensational mascara!

Now, we want that doll eye look for this look so now we are going to use our Bella&Bear Angled tweezers to place a pair of falsies as close to the natural lash line as possible.

Lets frame those eyes now by filling in the brows. We begin by brushing the brow hairs into place using the spoolie end of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush.

Next, we fill in the brows and add shape using the brush end and some of that same hot pink shadow. You could also go back in with the spoolie again after to disperse any excess product.

Now, lets 'carve' out those brows to keep the shape nice and defined. We use our Bella&Bear Ocelot brush and some Essence camouflage concealer to outline the brows and push the concealer outward, blending it in.

Lets start work on that skin now. Of course a kawaii look calls for ultra smooth, fresh skin. So lets begin by priming to mask any pores. We are using the Benefit Porefessional pearl here.

Its time for foundation now. We're using a high coverage foundation such as TooFaced Born this Way and were mixing it with a little Benefit Girl meets pearl (for a soft glow) before working it over the skin with our Bella&Bear Jaguar angled kabuki.

We're going to conceal next. Taking some of that same Essence concealer we are blending it into any areas we want to lighten or any problem areas we want to disguise. We use our Bella&Bear Ocelot brush to work the product into the skin.

Of course, we want that dewy, glowy finish to the skin for this look, but it is still important to set our concealer to prevent it from sliding and creasing, so we are taking some Laura mercier translucent setting powder and our Bella&Bear Leopard Face brush and we are simply pressing it on top of the concealer

Its time to get super cute -we are going to use our Bella&Bear Pointed tweezers and a little lash glue to apply some adorable iridescent hearts over the cheeks and the nose as if they were freckles.

We also want to finish up those eyes now so we are going in with our Bella&Bear Marbled cat brush and we're using it to work some of that same hot pink shadow along the lower lash line.

Lets add a delicate rosy glow to the skin by dusting the cheeks and tip of the nose with a dusty pink matte blush. We use our Bella&Bear Tiger Brush and some Revolution Ultra blush here.

To finish we need some adorable lips! We want to keep the lips soft and small so we are starting by applying a thin layer of concealer over them, simply dabbing it on with our finger.

Next, we're taking a pink lip tint or lipstick - we love Bourjois rouge edition in Nude-ist - and we apply it to the inner most part of the upper and lower lip using our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat lip brush working it outward slightly for a gradient effect.

To finish up the lips we are going over with a light pink or sheer lip gloss, such as Rimmel Oh My Gloss.

We lock everything in place with a generous spritz of the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray.

As for our hair, we of course want it in keeping with the look. So we are starting by brushing through using our Bella&Bear Brush on your detangler to make it smooth and easy to work with.

We then split it into 2 sections and tightly braid each side, following by pinning those braids to the back of the head as flatly as you can.

Next, we pull on our fave silver wig!

We hope you enjoyed this Super kawaii look -  be sure to share your snaps with us on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid! Don't forget that all of our product links take you straight to our US Store but don't worry, we ship to the UKAustraliaGermanyItalyFrance, and Spain too!