Exercising in Makeup | The Truth

Even though we all pretty much accept that the gym is a place where you don't always look your freshest, some of us cant help but wear a full face of makeup to go exercise in. But, do you know what happens to your skin when you make this decision?


Before you hit the gym you should really remove all makeup traces with a good cleansing routine. Makeup forms a barrier on your skin which covers your pores,so when you're working out your makeup mixes with oil and perspiration your skin is producing and congests your skin which will be sweaty, uncomfortable and, eventually, can lead to skin issues.

If you must wear makeup to the gym, a lip balm and waterproof mascara should be the max! 


So, you're working out makeup free! But, you're not immediately in the clear, there  is one essential thing you should do during your work out. Make sure to have a clean towel with you every time you work out, so that you can pat your face dry. Using a clean, new towel each time will ensure that there are no old products or chemicals lurking on it, so your open pores and glands won't take in any nasties.

You should also be drinking water throughout your work out to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.


Whether you've chosen to wear light makeup or not while working out, it’s nice to cleanse, tone  and refresh your skin immediately after. Use a cleanser on the face and neck to remove oil, dirt, sweat and products. To make sure that there’s no residue left and that all of the cleanser has been removed, use a toner afterwards. You can then go in with a face mist or refresher to leave your skin feeling clean and new. If you want to put some moisture back into the skin too, now is the time to apply your fave moisturiser!

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