Whimsical Springtime Look

Springtime is officially here and we are so excited to welcome colour, fresh flowers and a little whimsy back into our lives. The world bursts into life at this time of year and we felt inspired by it to create today's magical look! Its perfect for parties, upcoming festivals .. or if you're just feelin' a little extra! 

We want a super flawless skin for this look so after patting some Dr botanicals rose superfood oil over the skin and allowing it to seep in we are going to go in with our base. We're mixing a full coverage foundation (Estee Lauders Double Wear is our fave) and a liquid highlight and we're working it over the face with our Bella&Bear Jaguar Angled kabuki. This will give the skin a dewy glow as well as a flawless appearance.

Now, to bring some light to the face - and to disguise any problem areas, we are going in with our concealer. Again full coverage. We're applying some Essence camouflage concealer to the hollows of the cheeks, the chin, down the centre of the nose, under the eyes and onto the forehead. We then work this in with our Bella&Bear Ocelot concealer brush for a seamless and blended finish.

We want to keep that dewy appearance to the skin so we are going to just apply a setting powder over the top of our concealer to keep it in place. We took our Bella&Bear Leopard face brush and pressed some Essence all about matte powder onto those areas. If you want to go for a more matte finish then you can dust over the whole face with our powder.

Now, lets set to work on those magical eyes. As always, we are starting with a primer to keep our shadows locked in place and to help the colours to really pop and be vibrant! We used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyshadow primer.

We're using our Bella&Bear Sand Cat brush to work a matte white shadow over the lid and right up to the crease. We are using the BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 60's palette for today's look.

Next, taking our Bella&Bear Marbled Cat brush and a matte lilac shadow we are working it onto the outer corner of the eye into a wing shape and along the crease of the eye in a windscreen wiper motion.

To follow, using our Bella&Bear Leopard Cat brush and a matte aubergine shadow we are going to apply it to the very outer corner of the  wing, blending the colours together for smokey, intense look.

To add a little extra pop of colour we are using our Bella&Bear Bornean Bay Cat brush to apply a pink shadow along that crease, blending everything together for a soft finish - and we are also going to work some along the lower lash line too.

Using some MAC Fluidline liner and our Bella&Bear Serval eyeliner brush we are creating a thin, long wing along the upper lash line to really define the eyes and give them a mystical shape.

Now, we are using our legendary Bella&Bear Eye and Mighty Curlers to curl the lashes for some serious lift and a fanned out effect. Curling for 20 seconds on each eye.

To set that curl we are going in with a generous coat of our fave mascara - Maybelline Lash Sensational.

We also wanted to add to the whimsical effect so we applied some full volume falsies to the eyes, using our Bella&Bear Angled tweezers to place them as close to the natural lash line as possible. We used the Red Cherry #117 lashes here.

Let's frame those eyes with a cool set of brows. We are starting by shaping and grooming the brow hairs using the spoolie end of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush.

You could use your regular brow product to fill in and define the brows, but as this is a character style look we decided to fill them in with some Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo gel in shade 'Endless Purple', using the brush end of our brow brush.

Lets start working on the face again! We have cut out this little heart shape from a piece of paper; we are holding it in place just below the eye with our tweezers and we are gently dusting some of that same pink eyeshadow around it with our Bella&Bear Jaguarundy brush!

Then, some of that same dark purple shadow right around the stencil with our Bella&Bear Leopard cat brush for a cool negative effect.

We then applied a little glitter fix over the shadows and dusted on some iridescent white glitter with our Bella&Bear Golden cat brush for a magical glow! Make sure you use skin safe glitter to avoid cutting the skin or eye infections!

To add a healthy flush to the face we are picking up our Bella&Bear bobcat brush and we are working some matter bronzer over the cheekbones, the temples and around the hairlines. We love the ELF bronzing quad for this.

We also then went in with our Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fiober Powder brush, using it to generously apply a highlight to the hughpoints of the cheeks, the brow bones, the inner corners of the eyes, the tip of the nose and the cupids bow. We used the 'Lunar Glow' highlight palette here.

For some extra whimsy we also used our Bella&Bear pointed tweezers to apply diamantes randomly over the face, adhering them with lash glue so they are safe for the skin! We used a variety of colour and sizes to make them extra interesting!

For our lips we started by prepping them with some liner. We used the Essence Lip liner in Satin mauve to slightly over line the lips, making them rounder. Using a lip liner will stop our lip product from bleeding out or feathering.

Then, we used our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip brush to apply some Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in Renew all over the lips for a nice even application.

We finished the look with a spritz of setting spray to the face to lock everything in place. We used the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray for this look.

Now, of course we want our hair to tie in perfectly with this look, and there are a number of ways you could achieve this; thin braids, glitter .. or a wig! We opted for our favourite silver wig, not only is it super pretty but it really makes the colours on the eyes and face pop!

To prep for our wig we started by brushing through the hair with our Bella&Bear the Bear paddle brush to remove any tangles and we parted it into 2 sections, one on each side of the head.

We then tightly braided those sections and pinned them to the back of the head, keeping them as neat and as flat as possible.

Finally, we popped on our hair net and then our wig - you can secure it in place with a few bobbypins if you wish!

We also added a few braids into the hair, some floral clips and misted it with a spray of our Bodyshop glitter puff to really catch the light!

That's it! You look sparkly and magical like a springtime fairy! Be sure to share your snaps with us on insta for a chance to be featured and don't forget that you can find all of the Bella&Bear tools used in today's tutorial in our online store right now!