Wish Granted; M.A.C X Aladdin collection is on the way

The genie may have been bottled up for 10,000 years but makeup giant M.A.C just couldnt wait to announce their newest collection, set to drop in May, and it  is sure to make you shimmer and shine. Say 'Hello' to M.A.C X Aladdin.

Inspired by the re-imagining of the classic Disney movie, and focusing on the beauty and strength of princess Jasmine the collection features 3 new products - 3 wishes, 3 products - coincidence? We think not!

Each product will come housed in decadent gold and adorned with exciting Agranah-esque patterns, reminiscent of the colour scheme used in the movie.
First up is a new lipstick - 'A Whole New World'. The lipstick looks to be an iconic fuchsia-pink much like the one seen on princess Jasmine in the new film.

Next up, a new bronzer aptly named 'Your Wish Is My Command'. Again, housed in that luxe gold packaging and finished off with a kitsch little debossed stamp of the genies lamp.
The bronzer will give you that healthy glow, making it a perfect product to pick up for summer time.

And, lastly, there is of course an all-new 9 pan shadow palette. Featuring a mix of matte and shimmer shades in jewel-toned hues just fit for a princess. Swatches are rumored to be coming to the official MAC Insta shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!


There is no official release date for the collection yet, some believe it to be May 1st, while others are suggesting it could drop just a week before the movie debuts, we will keep you updated as we find out, but in the mean time be sure to sign up to the MAC newsletter for more news on the collection as it comes in.

Which pieces will you be wishing for?