Keeping your Hairbrush clean

Honestly, its not one of the jobs that comes to any girls mind all that often, but it is something we should be doing regularly. I'm talking about cleaning out your hair brush - it'll stop build up of dusts and dirt in your hair and it'll get rid of any dead skin or bacteria hiding within the bristles. 
We all 'pull out the hair' from our favourite brush, but that alone is not enough. What about the build up of product and hairspray, as well as dead skin? How do we rid our brush of that gunk? Fear not! Bella&Bear are here to show you how and get your brush (almost) as good as new again!

So, to begin the transformation, lets do the step we are all used to doing - pull out any excess hair. You needn't worry about getting out every last hair, just try to get the bulk of it out. 

You can see that our brush is full of hair to start with, and once it is removed, you can see just how dirty the bristles are with product and dust! Cleaning is a must!

Next, fill up a sink or a bowl with warm (not hot) water and add a couple of drops of your favourite shampoo, swirling it around with your finger to mix it in.

Turn the brush cushion side down and completely submerge it in the water, leaving it to soak for 1-2 hours.

Once the time is up, remove the brush from the water and give it a little shake off to remove any excess water. You should then be able to run your fingers between the bristles and pull out any left over hair or dirt - if you are finding some dirt particularly stubborn, grab a spare toothbrush and run it around the bristles to get them nice and clean.

*Don't forget that you probably wont be able to get your brush immaculately clean, but most of the unwanted bits should come out and it'll be much, much cleaner and better for your hair!*

The last step is to remove all the water out from the sink or bowl, and place your brush cushion side down in the empty sink or bowl and let it dry out. Keeping the brush cushion side down will mean that all the water will run off and wont get caught up and create more bacteria. 

Woohoo! your brush is clean and hair-worthy again! Did you know you can buy the star of this post (the Bella&Bear 'The Bear' paddle brush) in our online store right now! Don't forget to show us how you style your hair with yours, by tagging us on Insta (@bella_andbear)!