2022 Beauty Trends That You Need To Know About

All the new 2022 beauty trends that you need to know about


2022 beauty trends

Beauty trends are always influenced, in a big part, by social, environmental changes, and the fashion industry. The social and environmental changes have changed the consumer's perception and vision of beauty to a completely new level. Today, it is not all and only about the makeup and looking good. It is about feeling good in your skin, acknowledging the differences and the flaws which make every individual beautiful in their way. With the diversity of skin colors came the expanded makeup palette, that would cater to everyone, without exclusion. Another important point is the safety of the beauty products, which put natural, organic, and vegan cosmetics and products in focus.

The fashion weeks are a great base that offers a first-hand look into the upcoming beauty trends. For a long time, these fashion weeks were only about fashion, however, the last decade showed that they are a great stage of presenting more than just fashion. Along with fashion came makeup, hairstyle, and beauty, which is today a complementing detail and unavoidable part of every fashion week.

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All of that, combined and supported by the celebrities and the world beauty stage comes well-packed into a huge set of beauty trends. For 2022, there is an abundance of options for all those willing to try something new and keep up with the latest. The general take on the beauty trends is accepting yourself and showing your real skin. This means that the heavy coverage and the tons of makeup on the face are completely out. What is in is showing how your real skin looks, but with a regular and healthy skincare routine. With that comes some new and fresh makeup trends that only enhance the natural beauty of the parts. The hair remains to be a big and accentuated part of the beauty trends, as well as the well-done and beautiful nails.

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the new 2022 beauty trends.


Sustainable skincare

Sustainable skincare is the number one skincare trend for the beauty season 2022. This greatly refers to the brand's using and employing plastic packaging, and with that offering, the consumers single-use only. With the pollution and need for environmental protection, the majority of the beauty brands have shifted towards using eco-friendly recyclable materials. This refers not only to the packaging but also to the choice of ingredients and manufacturing too.  So, choosing sustainable practices and natural ingredients is the best trend for your perfect skin care.  

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Skinimalism is the second biggest skincare trend for the 2022 season. As mentioned above, this trend supports and encourages women to embrace their natural skin texture. With that comes the idea of adopting minimalist skincare routines. That shows simplifying the skincare regimen. Showing more natural skin and using smarter products that will enhance the skin’s natural look and glow is what the direction of this trend is.

Microbiome-friendly skincare

Continuing in the same direction, microbiome-friendly skincare is another important trend for 2022. It is introduced as the new wave of the skincare future. The idea behind the microbiome skincare is skincare whose products are infused with probiotics. As such, they add bacteria to the skin which helps it maintain an optimal balance. That leads to a simplified skincare regimen that will help different skincare issues as well as improve its look and radiance.

Personalized skincare

The trend of personalized skincare suggests having products that will cater particularly to a particular skin type and texture. It is a skincare suggested skincare that comes from dermatologists as a great way to achieve the best skin results. It is a fast-growing beauty trend that is available and can be seen among many different skincare and cosmetics beauty brands.

De-stressing skincare

Stress is proven to be one of the greatest factors that can affect the condition, look, and appearance of the skin. To carefully tackle these issues, many skincare brands have opted for the use of distressing ingredients. These ingredients come as part of various skincare that works on skin’s relaxation. The trend focuses on using such products that revive the stressed, tired skin, and offer skin firming and lifting.


"No makeup" makeup

Followed by the great set of skincare trends that promote the natural look and appearance of the skin comes the trend of "no makeup" makeup. These are the type of easy and effortless makeup looks that are great for everyone. They can surely become a statement look, especially with the accent put on dewy faces that will look natural. The barely-there makeup look is the inspiration behind this trend, flaunting the natural glow of the skin.

Natural skin

natural skincare tips

Embracing the imperfections, fine lines, freckles, wrinkles, and everything else that comes with the natural look of the skin is what this trend is all about. It is closely connected to the majority of the new skincare trends for 2022, proving once again that skin and its good look and health come in the first place and with the highest importance in beauty trends.  The accent remains on the natural look of the skin. From a beautifying point of view, the addition of the nourishing illuminating primers and just a touch of gloss will enhance and accent its beauty.

Glowy cheeks

When the cheeks look radiant and colorful, then, the entire face gets another appearance. This year, the trend that focuses on the cheeks is the glowy cheeks. What this trend brings are a lot of soft and romantic shades that will make the skin and the cheeks look healthy and glowing. Nailing such a makeup look is pretty easy. Go with touches of creamy highlighter that you will just press onto the cheekbones. This technique will add dimension to the cheeks. Choose shades that will enhance the skin's natural glow and with that create an effortless makeup look.

Draped blush

Another cheek-connected makeup trend for the new 2022 is the draped blush. This is a makeup trend that stands out with its application technique. The entire approach consists of putting the blush on both the cheeks and temples. The more dominant the color is, the better the effect will be.  It will deliver a fresh and new way of welcoming the warmer days and flaunting a new makeup look.

Matte '90s makeup

The '90s-inspired makeup is continuing its popularity and dominance in 2022 too. It does not focus on only one part of the face but caters to the entire one. The main detail of this trend is the matte finish, which becomes a statement look. To achieve this look, focus on the matte eyeshadows, the matte lipstick, and the matte skin. It is the best way to channel the '90s era makeup looks. However, for a fresh input of 2022, this trend suggests flaunting the diffused wing, the brushed-up brows, and a subtle hint of shimmer on the eyes.


Metallic Eyes

metallic eyes

The highly anticipated metallic eyes trend is making its comeback on the makeup scene. It is the trend that brings back the desire of doing a full glam for a night out, something that all have been missing. The secret of the best looks lies in the rich metallic colors and different textures. All colors are in, especially the silvery tones that have an icy effect.

Heavy liner

The grunge and the goth appearance and the makeup choice will continue to dominate through 2022 too. The one makeup product that is in the focus of this trend is the heavy liner look. This is a trend that is reinventing the application and the look of the eyeliner, strongly suggesting that it is more than enough as a go-to style. The heavy liner, the bare skin, and nothing else is the look that will be seen among the braver and bolder makeup lovers.

Fluffy brows

Brows are an important and unavoidable part of the regular makeup routine, and as such, there are followed by trends that complete one makeup routine. Just like with everything else, the accent on the brows remains to be their natural look, especially a more natural take on the arches. Doing this look can easily present the brows in the form of full or fluffy brows. With just brow pencils and brow gel, you will easily achieve a great natural brow look.


Bold lips

The biggest lip trend for the beauty 2022 season is the bold lip. Highly desired, the lips will be the centerpiece of the makeup look, and that is very expected. Hidden under the face masks for a long time, the lips this season will be in the focus, in all amazing and strong colors that flatter the skin tone. All the bold lip colors are allowed. Furthermore, they can be perfectly paired with a strong and bold eyeshadow for an appealing and attractive look.

Glossy lips

The lip gloss and the glossy lips are having a major comeback. The gloss was out of the makeup scene for quite a long time, letting the matte lip rule. However, this beauty season puts gloss as a highly demanded lip product. The power of the gloss cannot be underestimated, since the volume and the heaviness of the gloss are the perfect makeup upgrade to the lipstick routine. It is another trend that was huge in the ‘90s and the options are pretty varied. Whether it is a transparent gloss, or a colored one, the new and fresh look will give your entire complexion an exciting vibe.



No matter the season, 2022 is all about colorful neons. Vibrant and bright, the neons instantly bring a more positive and happier attitude. If you are willing to add some color but don’t want to overdo it with makeup, going with neon nails is an excellent and trendy option. As for the color choice, all of the neons are in. You can also spice up your fashion outfit with bright and popping nails. Neon colors are considered as an instant mood lifter, so this spring, start with bright neon green and pink, and progress to electric blue and orange for the summer.


Shades of Nude

Nude nails remain to be popular and you can never go wrong with them. They deliver a polished, classic, elegant, and sophisticated appearance of the nails. It is a calmer and a more toned-down option than the neons. The classic nudes and light pinks are an option that is always a hit.


Mid-length bob haircuts

bob haircuts

Bob is one of the hairstyles that is never out of fashion. Over the last few years, the bob has become a choice for many. Especially considering the different styling options. 2022 predicts that this haircut will be the most demanded one. The reason behind that is the chic and polished look it delivers. The mid-length bob is an excellent choice for those who want something chic and trendy.

 Fresh fringes

An easy way to update a hairstyle and look is to add some bangs. The blunt bangs, the side bangs, the feather bangs – all and in, and they all look great depending on your face shape and hairstyle. They might need some time to grow out if you get bored with them, but even then, you will constantly have a new look.

With these beauty trends, you will be more than prepared to flaunt the best looks through the entire 2022.