The Bella & Bear Contour Guide

With Kim Kardashians' perfectly chiselled face splashed across social media around the world, it is easy to feel envious. But, there's no need to fear, a good contouring routine can give you that structured face and make you look model worthy and its super simple to do at home!

Today, we are going to show you a simple routine that you can complete with basic make up and your Bella & Bear 'The Kitten' 15 piece professional make up brush set.

So, to start your routine make sure your face is clean, dry and make up free. (I am wearing some mascara and eyeliner as I don't want to give you all nightmares!). You can apply a primer if you feel you need it and then apply your favourite foundation - I am wearing the new Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation.

Now, take your favourite contouring product - you can always use a bronzer if you don't have a specific contour product. We are using 'The Leopard' Tapered Face Brush and the BH Cosmetics Contour & Blush Palette.

Begin to contour your face by gently dusting product on your temples and around your hair line to make the forehead appear smaller and more feminine, down the sides of your nose to make it slim and defined, under the cheek bones for good structure and below the bottom lip for a 'poutier' look. 
If you want extra contouring you can also apply product around the jaw line and down the hollows of the neck.
Don't worry if you feel this looks dark right now - blending at a later stage will cure this!

Now, taking your favourite concealer and your 'Ocelot' Large Concealer Brush, begin to apply it to your face. Using a concealer will not only help to highlight the face but it will also aid in disguising blemishes and dark patches on the skin
You should be applying the concealer in a fan shape on the forehead to bring light to the skin, down the centre of the nose for length and elegance - just make sure you avoid the tip! Also, under the brows to lift the brows and make the eyes appear brighter, above and below the cheekbones to strengthen definition, on the cupids bow (above the top lip) for plumping and on the chin to give the face a lovely even shape.

Here is a clear, thorough guide to tell you exactly where to apply your contouring and your highlighting

Now, we are taking 'The Lynx' Flat Kabuki Brush and blending everything in to make it appear more natural and radiant. This brush s perfect for blending work as it buffs everything out evenly and smoothly with no streaks or creases.

Now that your face is defined and structured, it is important to give it some colour to stop you looking washed out and peaky. Apply your favourite blusher onto the apples of the cheek and toward the hair line area. We are using 'Nicka K New York'  Colourluxe Powder Blush and 'The Leopard' Duo Fibre Powder Brush for a light and delicate application.
You can then continue to finish your usual make up routine - don't forget to make your lashes irresistible with a squeeze of the Bella & Bear 'Eye & Mighty' Lash Curler, and once your make up is all done keep it all in place with the Urban Decay 'All Nighter' Setting Spray - we swear by it!

You can purchase the Bella & Bear 'The Kitten' 15 piece professional make up brush set and all other Bella & Bear products in our USA online store and our UK Online store right now!