Get more from your Makeup

I am definitely one of those people that likes to get the most out of my makeup, whether that is diluting product to make it last or making one item have multi uses.

Cosmo have published an article on this very think which was right up my street and I think you will love it too:)

1. Lay the foundations of flawless

Good makeup starts with good skin, so before you reach for your concealer, read this. "Looking after your skin will help you get a better finish and endurance from your makeup. Try and drink between 2-3 liters of water a day and exfoliate more regularly using a gentle product with natural fine particles to polish – not scrub – the skin which will clear oil, helping your moisturizer to absorb and makeup sit better.

2. Erase mascara mistakes with primer

Not only does the iconic Smashbox Photo Finish Primer increase your makeup's longevity, it can be used in multiple surprising ways, including as a magic makeup erase. "When you get 'fall-out' [eye shadow drop-down] or mascara blobs, don't use cotton bud alone which will give a big black smudge, put some primer on it which picks it up without smudging". SO genius! You can also use a little bit of the silky formula to tame frizzy hair caused by humidity and to stop static by rubbing it over tights where your skirt sticks to them.

3. 1 eye shadow, 3 ways

Make the most of your eye shadow palettes by tripling its potential. "Use shadows dry for a colour match true to their intention, but to intensify the shade and get more pigment pick-up, use a damp brush. On sparkly shadows you can also achieve a super-sheer wash of colour by using a drenched brush which will pick up the light reflecting particles." Using damp or wet brushes will also help set the formulas. Result!

4. Make a highlighter and bronzer

The latter eye shadow trick with a wet brush can also be used to make a highlighter as it will make your shade less pigmented. Try it on your cheekbones and Cupid's bow to make your complexion pop. Likewise, you can make your perfect bronzer using eye shadows. "Use a terracotta colored matte eye shadow as a bronzer with a big, fluffy (non-dense) brush instead of your eye shadow brush."

5. Make your liner smudge-proof

"If you have oily eyelids and your eyeliner always transfers into your crease, use a powder shadow in a matching colour over the top to set it". So-long smudges.

6. Use your lippy as your blusher

To double up a pink or coral bullet for lip and cheek colour simply "apply some on your thumb and rub it across all fingertips, then pat it onto your cheekbones". Use a matte lipstick though, a shiny formula might lift off your makeup underneath and will never last as long.

7. Gloss over your eye makeup

This season ultra-glossy makeup is huge news and the eyelids are an easy way to wear the trend. How? "Use your lip gloss for gorgeous glossy lids." Try it with clear and nude colors applied just to the eyelid (not up to the brow), paired with waterproof mascara so nothing slips or drips.

8. Contour a cleavage

Contouring can enhance your cleavage as much as your cheekbones don't cha know. "Use your highlighter on the fleshy top part of your chest and use a darker shade through the center between the boobs and up over the highlight (making the fleshy bit look bigger)". Continue by highlighting the balls of shoulder and collarbones to enhance your structure in a strapless top.

9. Elongate your legs

You can use similar lighting tricks to "make legs look longer" – result! "Highlight the calves and shins (but not the knees)" for a sexy shimmer.