MakeUp Brush Cleaning & Care

Now that you have your new set of our gorgeous, professional brushes on hand and know which one to use for which job, its important to know how to protect your investment! Our brushes will last and last if cared for correctly, and as well as being essential it is super easy to do, too!

It is best to sprtiz your brushes with a daily brush cleaner after each use (Hint; we love the 'E.L.F Daily Brush Cleaner'), but once a week you need to give them a deeper clean to release them of product build up and nasty bacteria which can easily lead to skin complaints and breakouts!


Just follow our 4 simple steps to brush perfection ...


Step #1; Pre-Rinse

Start by running your brushes under lukewarm running water - this will release any residual make up and mean you can really get a deep clean in the later stages! It is best to use lukewarm water when cleaning your brushes as using hot water can loosen glue where the brush head meets the handle!


Step #2; Cleanse

Taking a solid Brush Cleaner - We swear by the 'BeautyBlender' Solid Cleanser - begin to gently swirl the bristles of your brush around, creating a nice lather. This will work the cleanser right though your brush and really remove all the build up and bacteria lurking within!


Step #3; Rinse & Repeat

Rinse the cleanser out of your brush under lukewarm, running water and keep repeating until the water runs clean from your brush. This will ensure that there is no leftover product in the bristles and will mean your brushes can dry and re-shape with ease.


Step #4;  Dry Time

Gently squeeze the brush to release any excess water and then gently lay them down on a flat surface lined with clean tissue. It is important to leave them somewhere where they can air dry - as artificial heat can cause damage to the bristles!


That's it! Your brushes are now as good as new and ready to give you a flawless face once again!


Taking care of your brushes is a very good habit to get into, it will ensure that they give their best performance, that they hold their bristles and shape and that they last for as long as possible. Using a solid brush cleaner is our favourite thing to do as it means you can even clean your brushes if you are travelling or away from home - plus it is much less messy!


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