Get that PinUp Up 'Do!


Its no secret that every girl loves a vintage vibe and today we are going to show you how to get this simple retro up-do with your Bella&Bear 'The Bear' paddle brush! You'll be swingin' and boppin' in no time!


Start by brushing through your hair with your Bella&Bear 'The Bear'paddle brush (TIP; mist your brush with your favourite perfume for delicately scented hair!). This look will work best with day old hair, so don't panic if your hair isn't freshly washed!

You will then need to section of a piece of hair at the front, to the side. If you have a fringe you can use this but if not just section of some hair and secure it away from the rest with some bobbypins.

 Now you can brush you hair into a high, slick ponytail, leaving out the front section. Use your paddle brush to keep it nice and neat and secure with a hair elastic.

Try to keep your ponytail high as it will make it easier for you to style on top if the head in the next step.

You will then need to gather your ponytail and hold it up toward the ceiling - if you have flyaways just mist them lightly with hairspray to keep them in place.

 Then begin to roll your ponytail underneath itself.

Roll it forward towards the face to create a tube and use a few bobby pins to secure it in place - try to keep it nice and tight so it keeps its shape.

As you can see, I have a few loose ends sticking out of my hair tube, but there's no need to worry if this happens as it can be concealed by the next step.

To give a vintage vibe take your hair tube and begin to gently spread the ends so it creates a dome shape, and secure it to your head with bobbypins, This looks so cute and classy and the shape gives lots of volume, too!

Make sure you spritz on some hairspray to keep everything in place!

Time to style those bangs!

Remove all the bobbypins from your front section of hair and just give it a brush through with your paddle brush to make sure it is tangle free.

You can then lift it toward the ceiling (like you did with your ponytail) and spritz it with a little hairspray to secure those pesky flyaways.

Now begin to roll it under itself - but this time toward the back of the head. You can roll the hair around 2 of your fingers for strength and support. Once your roll reaches your head just secure it with bobby pins and give it a good spray with your favourite hair spray - you should now have a cute victory roll in the front.

You can tweak the tube to perfect it as this step does take a little practice, but try to have a tube so you can see the open roll at one end.

 The look so far - don't forget to secure everything with hairspray! We love the Treseme freeze hold hairspray.

 Then take your favourite headscarf - or any material you may have spare, and wrap it around your hair for that iconic vintage accessory! We have chosen red for a vibrant approach and tied it to leave a cute end behind the victory roll!

As a final (optional) step, put in some pearl studs and swipe on your favourite red lipstick!

Now you're a true vintage pin up with style to spare!

We love using our Bella&Bear paddle brush to create vintage hairstyles - its great for adding volume but it is gentle on the hair as it is equipped with a flexible air cushioned pad! It's ball ended nylon bristles massage the scalp and stimulate hair to make it shiny and and reduce stress and breakages. Plus its got our gorgeous floral vintage pattern - what's not to love?!

You can shop  the Bella & Bear 'The Bear' paddle brush and all of our other gorgeous products in our UK store here and our USA store here.

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