Best MakeUp for your Eye colour

We all have those creative days when we dig out every make up palette which we own and get adventurous with our look, and why shouldn't we?! Its fun to change up your look every so often, and while it is perfectly acceptable to decorate your face with any colour that you feel like, it is also important to know that there are certain colours which will make your eyes Pop!

Todays post is going to explore these colours and help you make the most of your pretty peepers!

 Green eyes are so beautiful with lots of depth and pretty flecks, too. As a general rule, its usually good to apply makeups that are directly opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel. However, with Green eyes that would be red! Not only is red eyeshadow hard to come by but it is also hard to rock on a day-to-day basis, so a good trick is to pick out other shades with a red hint or undertone, this will really bring out the colour of your eyes and make them unmissable. Try some of these;

Taupe shadows & Espresso Liners;

Warm Taupes' are the best Taupes' to reach for if you have green eyes, the golden undertones will really accentuate your eyes! Meanwhile, try grabbing an espresso coloured liner! While it is not as harsh as standard black liners on your eye colour the copper undertones of the darker shade of brown will keep the look soft but punchy!

For the perfect Taupe try Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in 'Taupe', or for a more budget friendly option pick up the Maybelline color tattoo 24 hr eyeshadow in 'Permanant Taupe'. We also love the Bourjois little round pot in #54 'Essential'. In the way of Espresso liners, our favourite is the ELF waterproof eyeliner pen in 'Coffee'!

Emerald shadows

Emerald eyeshadows will work best on lighter green eyes. It may seem scary or odd to put 'tone on tone', but with practice it will look stunning! Just make sure to stick with deep greens such as Emeralds or Forest shades, as this will give a smoky effect!

For a splurge, try the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in 'Loaded', or for a more purse friendly alternative try out the Maybelline eyeshadow mono!


Purple Shadows

Good news! If you are blessed with green eyes you can rock any shade of purple shadow! This is mainly because purple has beautiful red undertones in all its forms and it really is the easiest way to bring out the colour of your eyes!

For a sparkly option, choose the Make Up Academy Pearl eyeshadow in Electric Purple or for the perfectly blended look pick up the Elf flawless shadow palette in party purple!


Copper Shadows

Probably the go-to colour for most green eyed godesses. Copper shades work wonders with your eye colour as the red undertones will make your eyes pop to perfection. For an alteernative to copper, pick up a terracotta shade!

We love the  Makeup Revolution eyeshadow in mountains of gold for a glam approach, and the ELF cream eyeliner in copper is a product not to be missed, too as it can be used as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow!


Blue eyes always make a statement, but there are ways to enhance their beauty even further!


Orange & Rust shadows

The warmth of the copper tones in these colours will give the perfect balance to the cool tones of those blue beauties and will work to give them that piercing glow! If you want to try this look but keep it more subtle, you could try lining your eyes with a bronze undertoned eyeliner!

The Nars eyeshadow duo in 'Isolde' is a lovely little palette as it means you can blend out the look for either a subtle or more dramatic result! We also love the Nyx single eyeshadow in Rust as the colour is just so striking and beautiful! The Mac eyeshadow in orange is another option of you are feeling more adventurous and exotic - orange is the direct opposite of blue on the colour wheel so this shade will compliment your eyes perfectly!

Jewel Purple Shadows;

If you're searching for the perfect jewel tone then purple is the answer. Blue eyes can get very overwhelmed by cobalt and emerald tones so skip out on these in favour of purple!

The Rimmel idol eyes crayon by Kate Moss in deep amethyst is a fun alternative to traditional powder shadows and can be blended out for a smoky look! We also love the Elf single eyeshadow in 'Purple Passion' for sweet simplicity!

Smoky Pink & Brown shadows

If you feel like a smoky eye, then pick rich browns and soft pink shadows over blacks - which tend to look too over powering and can actually make the eyes look smaller. 

The Makeup Academy Elysium palette is the ultimate budget paleltte at just £6. It's filled with 10 brown and pink shades in matte, pearl and shimmer form. For a more luxurious option, pick up the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette which is filled with all those shades you crave!

Turquoise Liner

Again, it might seem odd to use tone on tone but you'd be surprised at how well a turquoise liner will make your eyes stand out! Its best to steer clear of blue eyeshadows as this can drown the eyes and they can loose their striking effect, but a little liner will work perfectly!

We love the Sephora collection jumbo waterproof liner in 'Turquoise' and the Stila stay all day waterproof liquid liner in 'Turquoise', even though they are not very adventurously named, they will stay put all day and both will work to compliment your baby blues!

Brown eyes are deep and interesting and tend to have golden undertones, so it is important to play up to this and make sensible chpices when it comes to make up. If you're feeling a little more daring, then cobalt and nay blues are the way forward for you brown eyed girls!

Navy Blue Shadows

Navy blue is a great alternative to black eyeliner for girls with brown eyes, it works amazingly to bring out the golden tones of the eyes and make them bold and striking! To use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner, just wet your liner brush a little before using it with the powder, to make the colour more intense and longer lasting!

The Maybelline expert wear single eyeshadow in 'Navy Night' is a deep colour that will  bring out the eyes and we also love the Barry M single pressed eyeshadow in blue for a quick, easy and affordable option!


Cobalt Blue shadows

POW! That's what your eyes will be saying once you've applied your cobalt make up. It will bring out the golden undertones and make the eyes exotic and interesting!

The NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 'Electric Blue' is an exciting alternative to powder shadow and stays in place all day long. We also recommend the Maybelline color tattoo 24hr eyeshadow in 'Turquoise Forever', its staying power is phenomenal and we love that it can be used as an eyeliner, too! If you want to try the Cobalt craze but keep it low key, then we suggest the Barry M bold waterproof eyeliner in 'Blue', just swipe it on for a pop of colour!


Eggplant Shadows

Eggplant shadows work in a similar way to the blue shades as they will bring out the natural yellow in the eyes and make them really glow. Purple shadows can be used to enhance the eyes in a number of ways - it even makes the whites of the eyes look brighter! For a gentle pop of colour you could even try a purple mascara!

The Makeup revolution single shadows in 'Rave all Night' and 'Insomnia' are great choices as they are just £1 each and blend flawlessly! We also love to use the ELF mineral eye liner in 'Metallic Purple' under the lower lash line for a quick smoky look!


Gold & Copper shadows

Golden and copper tones will help your brown beauties to sparkle and shine and are the most go-to colours for most brown eyed women. Although these shades don't have such a bold contrast as the blues and purples they will still work to make the eyes stand out - just with a  less dramatic effect!

The Maybelline color tattoo 24hr eyeshadow in 'Bold Gold' is a perfect choice for those who like their make up to stay flawless day and night. We also recommend L'oreal infallible eyeshadow in 'Eternal Sunshine' which can be blended out for less intensity. The Nars larger than life longwear eyeliner in 'Campo De Fiori' is a simple way to accentuate the eyes without going OTT!


So, now that you are equipped with this knowledge, its time to grab your Bella & Bear 'The Kitten' 15 Piece Make Up Brush Set and get those peepers poppin'!