Free Spirit Festival Look

As part of our festival series we wanted to show you how to get a beautiful make up look worthy of any free spirit, using our famous Bella & Bear 'The Kitten' 15 piece make up brush set!

This look is fun, bold and best of all, super easy to create, itll catch the eyes of all around you and it can be created in any colour scheme!

As always, start with a clean, moisturised face. This will give you make up a smooth base and make for flawless application.

You can then apply your foundation - we are love the Garnier BB Cream. We apply this with the Bella & Bear 'The lynx' flat kabuki brush for smooth, clean results.

Follow this by applying you concealer. We are using the Collection lasting perfection concealer with the Bella & Bear 'The Ocelot' large concealer brush. We applied our concealer under the eyes, down the centre of the nose, on the chin and in a fan shape on the forehead. This will bring light and shape to the face - making it flawless.

Make sure you also apply  a quick swipe of your favourite lip balm to make your lip product application smooth and flawless, too!

Next, we added some structure to the face by contouring the cheeks, the temples, the sides of the nose and the jawline with the Bella & Bear 'The Leopard' tapered face brush and some Hoola bronzer by Benefit.

We then applied some pressed powder all over the face to set the make up and make it last and last. We used Too Faced Amazing face pressed powder and Bella & Bear The Tiger large powder brush.

To give the face a little colour we lightly dusted the cheeks with Bourjois little pot of blush in Lune D'or and the Bella & Bear 'The cheetah' Duo fibre powder brush.

As this look is quite bold we are keeping the eyes nude and neutral.

We first applied some of ELFs eyelid primer and then went in with a pearl pink shadow like the 'crease' shade from the Wet'N'Wild walking on eggshells shadow trio, applying it with the Bella & Bear 'The sand cat' small tapered brush.

To lightly define the eye we are applying a matte rose shadow along the crease with the Bella & Bear 'The Bornean bay cat' tapered blending brush.

For a fun vibe, we filled in our brows with matte coloured eyeshadow. We used a purple-blue ombre to keep with our colour scheme. To achieve precise lines we used the Bella&Bear 'The Fishing cat' flat definer brush, and we used shadows from the amazing 'Take me to Brazil' palette by BH Cosmetics.

We then created an exaggerated eyeliner wing with some gel liner and the Bella & Bear 'The Caracal' eyliner brush - if you are new to eyeliner, check out our ultimate eyeliner guide.

To exaggerate the eyes we Curled the lashes with the Bella & Bear 'Eye & mighty lash curler and applied a coat of Urban Decays perversion mascara. To take the look further we also applied a pair of Ardell's Demi Wispies lashes, using our Bella & Bear slanted tweezers for a clean application.If you haven't had much practise with falsies then check out our handy guide!

Lets get to the fun part - were going to create our festival-chic design!

To keep your design neat you will need to create a guide across your face. To do this take some sticky tape and apply it where you would like your design to follow. TOP TIP; to ensure that the sticky tape doesn't remove your base make up, first rub it on the back of your hand to remove some of the stickiness, you can then place it on your face worry free.

Then, you can begin to apply your design, we are using these purple iridescent gems found on eBay and these acrylic stars, also found on eBay. You can pick up embellishments like these in most craft stores, but always make sure they are flat backed, so they can apply to your face easily.

To apply the gems we are using regular eyelash glue, it is strong but safe on the skin, and we are using our Bella&Bear pointed tweezers for precision and to stop our fingers getting sticky.

Always start your design on the outside of the face working inwards and then over the nose, to make sure it is a mirror image on both sides!

Once you have stuck down all your gems and the glue is dry you can gently peel off the sticky tape - checking that all the gems are well stuck on!

To make our design extra eye catching, we added some white spots between each gem, using white liquid eyeliner, and we also stuck some chrome faux spikes around our brows for an edgy twist!

You could add any extras you like - just get creative!

For some final festival touches we added a gem onto our chin and put on a fun faux septum piercing!

We kept our lips nude by filling them in with New Looks Pure colour lip pencil and we keep everything in place with a spritz of Urban Decays all nighter make up setting spray!

As a final fun twist we added a cute purple wig, it really pulls the look together and gets you ready to party!

We hope you enjoyed this look - make sure you tag us on instagram with #bellaandbear (@bella_andbear) or our Facebook page with your recreations!

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