Classic Red Valentines Look

Can you believe that that time of year is almost upon us again? Valentines day! A day filled with love and kindness! Whether you're spending this Valentines with a loved one, your gals or your family, our classic red look is sure to be a winner and inspire the hearts of all those who see it.  

We've started by applying some of Gerard Cosmetics BB+ illumination creme all over our face with the fingers. This will give the face a subtle golden glow.

We are then going in with our Bella&Bear Lynx Kabuki brush and some MakeUp Forever HD foundation and gently buffing all over the face for a flawless, smooth finish.

To give the face some structure, we are picking up our Bella&Bear Margay Cat brush and some dark contour powder from our BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush 2 palette and filling in all the contour points of the face - the cheekbones, the jawline, the temples, and down the sides of the nose. We are then taking our Bella&Bear Tiger Large Fluffy Brush to blend everything into the face seamlessly.

To add some light to the face we are applying some Benefit Boi-ing concealer to our forehead, between the cheekbones and jawline, under the eyes and on the chin and thoroughly blending it in with our Bella&Bear 'Golden Cat' small concealer brush. We then picked up our 'Tiger' Brush again and gently set the concealer with some translucent powder.

You can apply powder to the whole face if you desire, but we like a dewy finish for this look, so we have opted not to.

To begin work on the eyes, we are applying some Essence 'I Love Stage' eye primer and gently blending it right into the eyelid with our ring finger. This will help our eyeshadow to stay in place longer.

We are then picking up a matte cream shadow, like 'Foxy' from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and our Bella&Bear Jaguarundy Cat brush, and sweeping it all over the lid and right up to the brow bone.

Next, we are picking up a matte taupe shadow, like  'Tease' - also from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and our Bella&Bear Leopard Cat pencil brush and we are gently working it into a subtle wing on the outer corner of the eye and along the crease to add definition and shape to the eye.

This look is all about the lips, so we are keeping the eyes simple and neutral - but that doesnt mean we dont want a little shimmer. Next, we taking a gold cream shadow, like the L.A colors jumbo eye pencil in 'Sun Kissed' and applying it to the centre of the eyelid with our ring finger - this will give a more open, awake look to the eye.

To finish, we are delicately blending the colours together with our Bella&Bear 'Pampas Cat' brush. You can easily do this by using a windscreen wiper motion. Blending the shadows out will give them a softer finish.

To enhance the eyes we are using our Bella&Bear Caracal eyeliner brush and our Maybelline 24 hour Color Tattoo in 'Timeless Black' to create a thin line along the top lashline. We are also going to continue this after the natural lashline to give a wing and to make the eyes appear larger. You can create the line as thick as you prefer, but we are keeping it on the thin side to give all attention to the lips.

We are then applying our Benefit BADgal kohl pencil to the lower waterline and applying a sweep of ELFs 3-in-1 mascara to the lashes. For extra flirtiness, we are applying a set of false lashes. You can use your Bella&Bear Angled Tweezers to help you with this. Hold the lashes gently between the tweezers and push them as close to your natural lash line as possible for a seamless finish.

We want to create a defined brow, as this will help give the face structure, and it'll also open up the eye area, too! You can start this by taking the spoolie end of your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx duo brow brush, and brush and tame your brows to the shape you want them.

Now, using the angled end of the Iberian Lynx and some brow product - we love Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade - you can begin to define and fill in the brows. We start by drawing a line along the underneath for a sharp shape, and then using hair like brush strokes to fill in and thicken up the rest of the brow.

To add a delicate flush of color to the face we are using a light, shimmer blush, like NYXs Rose Garden. We are applying this to the apples of our cheeks using our Bella&Bear Leopard brush!

Now, lets work on that power pout! Take your favourite red lip pencil - we are using Essence Lip pencil in 'Red blush' - and begin by outlining the lips - you can keep to your natural lip shape, or extend them for a more dramatic pout. Then continue to fill in the lips with the same pencil, this will help your lipstick to apply evenly and also means you wont be left with just a red line around the lips, should your lipstick wear off.

We are then topping off the lips with MACs 'Relentlessly Red' and our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip Brush. Using a lip brush will help steady your application, and stop any stray lines outside of the lips.

And that's it! You look gorgeous and elegant! The contrast of the 'barely there' eye makeup and the bold lips is a timeless look which will be stunning for any occasion- but especially this one!


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