Bella&Bear Blogger of the Month January; CountryLifeCityWife

Here at Bella and Bear we love to get involved with the Blogger and Youtuber communities. We feel its important to make a name as a friendly and outgoing brand within the beauty industry just as much as it is with you, our beautiful customers. Over the years we have had the pleasure to work with many talented and hard working bloggers and Youtubers who have put together reviews of our products, as well as hosting giveaways of our products.

So, in the spirit of the new year, we thought, what better way to show our appreciation to these special influencers, than by hosting one each month as our very own Bella&Bear blogger of the Month.

Our Bella&Bear blogger of the Month scheme hopes to introduce you to some new blogs and channels; some you may be familiar with, some you may not have discovered yet. Not only that, but we want to get to know the people behind the websites; what inspires them, what are their passions, what makes them tick!

So with that we would like to introduce you to our Bella&Bear blogger of the month January 2018; Heather from CountryLifeCityWife.

Heather has run her successful blog for a number of years and as well as her tempting recipes, her gorgeous travel photos and her passion for adventure, we fell in love with her for her love for animals. Heather is a woman after our own hearts and we are truly tickled pink to welcome her as our very first blogger of the month

1. Hello Heather! Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
Hello, and thanks for having me! I'm a city girl, wife, bonus (aka step) mom, un-sweet tea loving adventurer and cancer survivor proudly married to a US Navy Sailor veteran. When he finished his military career we went from concrete to countryside making the move from San Diego to near his hometown in the gorgeous Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. To document our adventures, I created my lifestyle blog, Country Life, City Wife. It highlights places and products I love and use while sharing some really cool places in my community. A vehement believer in giving back, I'm also dedicated to highlighting organizations that inspire us to make our world a better place.

2.  Which is the one beauty product you couldn't live without when you're on the road and travelling?
I'm an Event Director so I have a crazy schedule and spend a lot of time in planes and hotels. BIG culprits in drying out the skin, so in addition to drinking a lot of water, I always bring my moisturizer.
3. You're a long time blogger with a big list of collab pieces under your belt as well as being a well travelled, career woman. We find this so inspiring and would love to hear what inspires you to work so hard everyday!
I love working. It's the feeling that at the end of the day, I've given something; I've accomplished something and I get to make my clients shine. Whether it's thousands of downloads for a printable I created for a sponsor or a 'thank-you' I receive after I write a personal blog post, it's wonderful to have a connection with readers. In the events work, when  I'm thinking to myself, "Ah, I see how we can do this better next year," and at the end of that same event my client says, "I have no idea how you could top this," I get a big smile on my face. Their gratitude and faith in me is incredibly meaningful, so I take my career and work very personally. Through events I get to give people experiences that leave them talking until the next one and even for years to come. That is an awesome feeling. 

4. Like us,you love animals, and you have some of your own - including a bearded dragon! How important are your pets to you and how do they fit into your everyday life?
We often hear people say our pets are family. This is so true. As much as we can teach them commands - or how to walk on a leash in the case of Doc. my bearded dragon - they teach us about unconditional love. When I am not traveling I work from home, so they also remind me not to stay glued to the laptop all day. I stop, walk Bella and get outside in the fresh air. It allows me to refocus and take a breather. Even prepping a salad for Doc is cathartic. No matter what I am doing all I have to do is stop, take a look at those two and I'll smile. 

5. Share your best beauty tip with us!
There is a saying that one cannot drink from an empty cup. Beauty comes from inside and if you're taking care of yourself, it will radiate on the outside. My word for 2018 is "enough". When I've had enough, I'm making a commitment to slow down. Rest. Let yourself take a break. De-stress and detox when you need to. You'll smile more and that's beautiful!

6. What is your favourite Bella&Bear piece?
The eyelash curler! Not only do I love the red handle, it doesn't pinch regardless of your eye shape. And when you're traveling and need to look a little more awake, you just curl your lashes and you go from tired-eyed to looking wide-awake in a jiffy!

We had such a blast interviewing Heather, isn't she just a star?! Its so great to find a blogger who is relatable, friendly, and driven! We also particularly loved her advice about knowing when to call 'enough', that's something we would love to work on this year too! 

We would like to thank Heather for taking part in our new scheme and we hope she has enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed getting to know her. You can find her blog here, as well as her Twitter, Facebook and (our fave) her Insta. Heather also has the most adorable insta account for her rescue pup Bella ... serious woman crush here!
As a special treat, we are also offering Heather's readers - returning and new - a 15% off discount code to be used on any Bella&Bear order throughout January. Simply use code CITYLIFE when you shop our online store.
Happy January Kittens!