Bella&Bear Blogger of the Month February; LemonNailFiend

You may have seen that here at Bella&Bear, we have started our very own Blogger of the Month scheme to give the spotlight to hard working, talented bloggers and Youtubers that we adore. Our scheme hopes to introduce you to some new blogs and channels; some you may be familiar with, some you may not have discovered yet! Not only that, but we want to get to know the people behind the websites; what inspires them, what are their passions and more!

We kicked off our scheme last month with Heather from CountryLifeCityWife (see her interview here) and this month we are saying hello to the lovely Emma from LemonNailFiend Blog. Emma has written several beautiful reviews of our products previously and she is a real life Belle with a beautiful heart and a big love for books! We couldn't wait to dig deeper and discover more about this talented lady...

1. Hello Emma! Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
Hi, I am a born and bred Southampton girl with big dreams of travel and writing. I started my blog to get my writing out into the world, I like to mix it up and write about lots of different things. I spend most of my time with my head in a book.

2. Which is the one beauty product you just couldn't live without?
Lip Products. I don't care if it is balm, gloss, crayon or stick. I love the variety and how changing your lip color can change an entire look. Plus on a side note I am a bit addicted to buying all the different ones and have quite a collection.

3. It's clear from your blog that you love to read, how do your books inspire you?
Reading inspires me when it comes to my own writing. I love the different worlds and scenarios that the author takes you to. Also I love all the happy endings. It feeds the hopeless romantic that I am. 

4. If you could go back to your teens, what advice would you share with your younger self - beauty or otherwise.
The advise I would give my teen self is to go after what you want. Don't let the fear of failing or anybody else persuade you to do something else. Believe in yourself a bit more.

5. Share your best beauty tip with us!
Learn to love yourself in every form. With or without makeup. Clean or dirty hair. Dressed up or in your pyjamas. I have no idea what happens when you do this, I'm still working on this myself. I assume that you stop caring about what everybody else thinks.

6. What is your fave Bella&Bear piece?
It has to be The Pluckers Tweezer Set, without a doubt. Perfect for all your plucking needs. It contains the three pairs slanted, straight and pointed, which means no hair is safe. The super cute case also makes them easy to keep together and use on the go.

We want to thank Emma so much for being our February Blogger of the month - we think she is just peachy! We love her for her honestly - and, of course, her lip product addiction, we definitely share that with her! 

If you would like to get to know Emma more, and explore her writing further, you can find her blog right here, as well as her Instagram and Twitter feeds!

We are also offering Emma's readers, returning and new, a special Bella&Bear promo code to be used on any order throughout February '18 - just enter code EMMA15BB for 15% off!