Bella&Bear Brow Guide

In the real world, not all of us are blessed with Cara Delevingne-esque brows. We dont have those perfectly shaped, strategically bushy arches. But, with all of the products available on todays market and a little know how, we can get pretty darn close.

Today we're going to share some of our faves tips for getting your brows in shape and making them up effectively and naturally.


Brow Growth serum / Bella&Bear angled tweezers / Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx Brush / Baby Orajel / Soothing Cream

Of course, our brows need regular maintenance, and not all of us like to visit a salon for this. You can actually do just what you need at home with your own tools!

  • Tweezing is the best option at home as it allows you more precision and control - not removing too many hairs at once and keeping the shape that you desire. We love our pretty Bella&Bear Angled Tweezers for this. TOP TIP; if you find tweezing uncomfortable then apply a little teething gel to the area a minute before you tweeze. It'll gently numb the area so you don't feel pain!

  • Be sure to stand in a well lit area, such as in front of a window, while you tweeze to ensure you grasp even those fair hairs!
  • But, before you start to tweeze, we recommend lightly filling in your brows how you would usually. This also means that you wont over-pluck and you'll still be able to create your perfect brows with your makeup daily.
  • The ideal brow head (where your brow begins on the innermost part), will line up with your nostril. So take your brow brush and just line them up to be sure you aren't removing too much hair. 
  • Likewise, your brow should end in line with the corner of your eye. So, once again, take your brow brush and line it up, only plucking as far as this to keep things clean and neat.
  • The arch of your brow usually lines up with the centre of your eye, so measure this up. If you have straight brows, though, don't focus too much on hair removal for an arch, this can be created later with makeup.

  • If your skin is feeling a little sensitive or red after plucking then simply apply a little soothing cream to the area. Be sure to choose a product specifically designed for this rather than just any moisturiser, as perfumes could irritate the skin and make it sting more.
  • Brows should be shaped every 3-4 weeks, but you can pluck and regrowth as it appears to keep your brows neat, this is usually every 2-3 days.


NYX pomade / ABH Dipbrow / Freedom pomade / Benefit Brow setter / Benefit Brow Pencil / Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush

  • To start you need to find your ideal product. We love pomades or Gels as they give a great dose of colour and last until removed. We also like to use a little pencil for those hair like strokes. If you prefer a softer finisht then try a brow powder instead! Then, choose the ideal colour for you.
Red head - ashy blonde to avoid an orange look
Blonde - match the root or darkest part of your hair to avoid washed out look
light brunette hair - 1 shade darker for definition
dark brunette - 1 shade lighter for balance
Black hair - medium brown to avoid pencil like look

  • Taking your Bella&Bear Iberian lynx brow brush,use the spoolie end to brush through your brow hairs anfd lightly shape them.
  • As with brow maintenance, makeup is all about creating and enhancing the shape of the brows, lining up key points and filling in the parts in between. So, following on from what we learned in maintenance,take your brow brush and line up the start and end of your brows, making a small mark so you can keep track.
  • As for arches, these should ideally line up with the centre of your eye, so again, mark this out (at the top of the brow) ready for filling in.
  • Now, taking a little product on the brush end of your Iberian Lynx, you can start filling in your brows between the key points. Try to use short, hair like strokes to keep things soft and natural. Dragging your brush will create heavy, harsh lines which can just look too cartoon like.Try not to fill in too much on the inner end of your eyebrow, this will naturally be lighter.
  • You can then go in with your pencil and fill in this area lightly, blending it in to the rest of the brow hairs. Again, using short, hair like strokes.
  • Now, using the spoolie end of your Iberian Lynx again, brush through your brows to disperse excess product and soften any harsh lines.
  • To set your hard work in place you can then brush through the hairs with a setting gel. This will not only lock the hairs in place but it will also keep that product where it should be too.  


Makeup Revolution Concealer / Urban Decay Concealer / NYX finishing powder / MAC pressed powder / Benefit brow highlight / Maybelline brow highlight / SoSusan Highlight / Bella&Bear Concealer brush /

One final way to enhance that hard work is with a little defining, this will really take the brows from drab to fab and is so simple to do.

  • Simply take your fave concealer and, using your Bella&Bear Golden Cat concealer brush, outline your brow work - placing product under the arch, over the arch and along the head of the brow.
  • Then, use your brush to blend that concealer into the skin, or your foundation, to make it seamless. Outlining will really define the shape of your brows making them look groomed and perfect.
  • You can then press a little translucent powder over this to set it in place and to keep your concealer from sliding.
  • Finally, take a brow highlight and work it onto the underneath of the brow. Its best to use a specific brow highlight here as they are shaped to follow the contour of a brow and wont end up in the brow hairs. Be sure to apply most product onto the arch area to open up the eye making it look wider and more awake. 

 You are ready! Your brows are preened and prepped and looking gorgeous!

We hope you found our brow guide handy - do you have any brow tips that you swear by? Share them with us on social media! And, don't forget you can score 15% off of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx Brow Brush (and all of our other goodies) in our online store right now with our special Blogger of the month code - find it HERE.