Bella&Bear Brush Cleansing Guide 2017

So, you've invested in a great set of brushes (did someone say The Kitten set), and now you want to make sure they are well taken care of. We've got you covered.

Washing your brushes may seem like a fairly boring task, but it is one that your brushes - and your skin - will thank you for in the short and long run. Clean brushes equal better makeup application and a longer life (the brushes not yours!), so it really is worth spending those 20 minutes once a week giving your new brushes a good clean down, and you'll only need a couple of pieces of kit to do so.


You're going to need a few pieces of kit to give your brushes an effective cleanse. Don't panic though, you wont need to be a professional makeup artists to own these pieces. You'll need a proper brush cleanser product, many people like to use baby shampoo to clean their brushes, which is fine, but proper brush cleansers are easily available on today's market and are made with all antibacterial formulas and ingredients which will care for your brush hair more specifically, so try to opt for one of these.

. Solid Brush Cleanser - These are very popular right now and give brushes a gentle but effective cleanse, we love the Freedom Makeup Brush Bath on a budget and the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser for a cult fave.

. Gel Brush Cleanser - The Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel is always the favourite here. Its got a fresh clean scent and its great as the product inside never touches the brush until its squeezed out so it cant get contaminated.

. Daily Brush Cleanser - These are perfect for keeping brushes hygienic between deep cleans, so be sure to give your brushes a quick spritz with them everyday. We love the ELF Studio Daily Brush Cleaner and the Clinique makeup brush Cleanser.

You'll also need a brush cleaning egg or mat; these are made with small peaks and larger rivets to get into all crevices of your brushes and ensure a deep, effective cleanse. 


Make sure to use lukewarm water when you cleanse your brush, hot water can loosen the bristles in the handle over time and could cause excess fall-out. Start by wetting the brush, holding it downward under the tap and trying not to get too much water above the handle. Make sure to use running water to clean your brushes as it will always be clean and wont have old makeup or bacteria in it like sitting water would.

You can then go on to apply a small amount of cleanser to your egg and gently swirl your brush around in circular motions to get deep within the bristles and remove all dirt. Rinse your brush (again in a downward position) and you can repeat the cleansing step again if necessary.


After washing your brushes will need a full day to dry out, reshape and be ready for use, so its best to wait for a day when you are not intending on wearing makeup to wash them. We love using an air drying rack to dry our brushes - the brushes are stored upside down and air dry over time allowing them to fully dry out and re-shape correctly - but if you don't have one of these then use a clean and dry cloth or tissue paper to lay them flat on (make sure you wash it or throw it away after as you don't want it to collect bacteria). 

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