Bella&Bear Colour Correcting Guide

Concealer is a magical thing isn't it?!  Colour Correcting concealers can hide those red patches, dark circles, blemishes and even out skin tone .. but it can also seem like a bit of a mystery if you're not sure where to start with it. Don't fear, today, we here at Bella&Bear are going to share our top concealer tips with you in our ultimate colour correcting guide!

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You can pick up colour correctors from many brands, and to suit all budgets! They may seem scary at first, but once you know what goes where you'll be correcting and brightening like a pro. We suggest using cream colour correctors for an easy blend and flawless finish! We love using our Bella&Bear Golden Cat Concealer brush for targeted areas and our Ocelot Large Concealer brush for blending larger areas.  Here you can see our simple guide for what each colour can be used to combat!

Here is our 'cheat sheet' for where to place each colour - don't forget you may need to choose lighter/darker tones of the colours depending on your skin tone! You may need more or less of each colour depending on your skin's condition and needs, but this is a good place to start with trying out the colours! Practise makes perfect so don't be afraid to go in with colour and see what works best for you!

Do you use colour correcting? Share your tips with us on social media and don't forget that you can shop our concealer brushes, plus all of our other goodies in our online store right now - you can also find an exclusive 15% off discount code in our Blogger of the month interview - here!