Up your lip game for under $20/£10

With so many lip products on the market nowadays, how is a girl to choose?! There are lip paints, lip glosses, lip glasses, lip stains, and classic lipsticks - to name just a few. but one thing that is for certain is that there really is a fantastic range of these products available to suit all budgets - and today we are going to explore the best ones that'll cost you just $20/£10! 

Ruby By Bellapierre / Cobra Lily by Shien / Heart by WinkyLux / 6SIX6 by melt cosmetics / Immortal by Gerard Cosmetics / FireEngine by Gerard Cosmetics / Saigon by ColourPop / Kiss Me Hard Before You Go by Zoeva / Merlot by Besame / Two Timer by Impulse / Ambition by Lush / RedCarpet by Makeup Revolution / Firestorm by I Heart Makeup / Red Alert by MUA

Razzle-Dazzle Red lips have always been the classic way to make a makeup statement and there are literally hundreds of shades available! Above are some of our fave reds at a bargain price. Have you seen the reds available by Besame Cosmetics? Not only do this company make true replicas of specific era lippies but they've been featured in shows such as 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' and 'Marvels agent Carter' - to name just a couple. If you're living in the UK and want to try Besame's lipsticks then head to BeautyBay. For the rose gold lover, how about picking up Makeup Revolutions red offering? The rose gold packaging is so trendy and looks stunning on your vanity! If you're keeping cruelty free and vegan then we suggest LUSH's lipstick in 'Ambition!

Nood by Melt Cosmetics / Times Square by ColourPop / Semi-Sweet by Impulse / Perspective by Lush / Chauffer by MakeupRevolution / Target by Cowgirl Dirt  / Meow by Winky Lux / Birthday Suit by Sleek / Dash by Obbsessive Compulsive Cosmetics /  Romantic by Black Radiance

Nudes are still smokin' hot in the beauty world, and you're in luck, cause we've rounded up plenty of budget options! Colourpop are a big emerging brand and their lip products are reportedly 'incredible', so, of course, we just had to include one - and would you check out that packaging? Modern Chic! If you like to support smaller, family owned businesses then Cowgirl Dirt might just be for you, they have lots of shades on offer and you can order $0.99 samples to see which shades you like best before you commit to buying a full sized one!

Kim Chi by SugarPill / Lilac Moon by Gerard Cosmetics / Iced Mocha by Gerard Cosmetics / Ricochet by Impulse / Artificial Amethyst by Portland Black Lipstick Co / Vanity by Violet Voss / Drive by Lush / Diamond Life by Makeup Revolution / Black Tie Affair by Cowgirl Dirt / Shang-Hi by Australis / City by WinkyLux / MoonStone by LimeCrime / Vamptastic by Aromi

Purple lips can work for all skin tones and all seasons - try a lighter, more vibrant shade in the summer months to compliment your tan and opt for a deeper shade during the colder months! LimeCrime's limited edition shade 'Moonstone' is a gorgeous lilac griege colour which is really on trend at the moment and their products are vegan, too. Violet Voss are renowned for their palettes, but they also offer matte liquid lipsticks too, they are highly pigmented and long lasting. The Portland Black Lipstick Co are a relatively indie company but they have a great line of lip products to check out too, the packaging isn't overly fussy but the pay off of the products is good and the price tag is even better!

Dark Room by Melt Cosmetics / Cherry Cordial by Gerard Cosmetics / Notion by ColourPop / I Dare You by Zoeva / Blood Red by Besame / Pandora by Impulse / Three Psychic Berry by Portland Black Lipstick Co / Doo-Bai by Australis / Sangria by MUA / Beguiled by TopShop Beauty 

Ahh, berry lips, an autumn staple. But, how do you choose just one? Wait! Why choose just one when there are all of these budget options available! Topshop beauty is a real go to for many beauty bloggers and who are we to doubt them?! Their 'Beguiled' lipstick is a classic berry which will work with all skin tones. Gerard Cosmetics 'Cherry Cordial' is a long lasting lipstick and the golden bullet is just...well.. super pretty! Check out the Gerard Cosmetics insta, too, for regular deals and steals!

All Dolled Up by Gerard Cosmetics / Coachella by Gerard Cosmetics / Sigma-Pink Lip Eclipse by Sigma / Fun & Flirty by Zoeva / American Beauty by Besame / Naughty by Violet Voss / Glamorous by Lush / Girls Best Friend by MakeupRevolution / Cash by Cowgirl Dirt / Ro-ma by Australis

Pink is a girls best friend and you can literally choose from a million different pinks to dress your lips up with! Zoeva and Sigma are both known for their makeup brushes but they are branching out with makeup pieces too and these pinks are just dreamy, don't you think?! If you prefer a more poppin' pink then 'Coachella' by Gerard Cosmetics is the one for you. The formula is creamy and long lasting and the colour is the ultimate bubblegum pink!


Bane by Melt Cosmetics / Black by Portland Black Lipstick Co / Black Heart by MakeupRevolution / Mel-Burn by Australis / Voodoo by WinkyLux / Black Velvet by LimeCrime / Tarred by Obbsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Black lips are not just for Halloween, they are a growing trend and they are actually really fun to rock, so why not try them? Grab a budget product to see what you think of wearing a black lip. WinkyLux are a new brand to us, but don't you think that the black lipstick just looks sooooo good with the golden bullet?! Melt Cosmetics always have a big buzz around them and they offer 'Bane' - a gorgeous velvety black to paint your lips with - give it a go!

Laced by Melt Cosmetics / 1995 by Gerard Cosmetics / Limbo by Colourpop / Sweet nothings by Impulse / Coffee, Black by Portland Black Lipstick Co / Baked by Violet Voss / Reckless by Cowgirl Dirt / Mo-zam-chic by Australis / Cocoa by WinkyLux / Salem By LimeCrime

We just love a brown lip, they're decadent, gorgeous and .. they remind us of chocolate ;) They're perfect for the autumn months and they compliment a golden eye perfectly! Australis are a great Aussie company and their lip products are so long lasting - if you like scented products them definitely try them out! How about 'Saddle' by LimeCrime? Its part of the new 'Livin' on a prairie' collection and it is the perfect brown rust shade.


See, just like we said. No need to choose just one, when you have this many budget options at your fingertips! We hope you enjoyed today's round up and dont forget you can pick up the ultimate lip tool - Our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip Brush - in our online store right now. It'll seriously amp up your lip game - clean lines, even application!

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