Brush Cleansing Guide 2019

Your face is your canvas, your makeup the paint and.. your brushes?! Well, they're the tools that make the magic happen! Don't let your magic fizzle out by using dirty, worn out brushes. Care for them and love them like the valuable possessions they are! 

Today, we're sharing our top tips to get your Bella&Bear Kitten brushes looking as good as new again!


It goes without saying that you'll need to wet the bristes of your brushes to wash them - but there is actually a *best* way to do it. Hold the bristles downward under the water to ensure that old product runs out of the brush rather than back into it. Its also important to ensure that the water you are using is warm - not hot - or you risk the glue holding the bristles in the brush softening and loosening


ELF brush shampoo / Spectrum vegan brush shampoo  / Real Techniques Cleansing Gel / BeautyBlender solid cleanser / Cinema Secrets Brush cleaner


Using your chosen brush cleaner - we've shown some of our faves above - swirl your brush in the palm of your hand or on a blush cleaning pad to really get between the bristles and move build up and bacteria out of them. Try to avoid using brush cleaners which contain alcohol as they can dry the bristes of your bruhes out and eventually cause them to snap.
Aim to deep cleanse your brushes once a week to keep on top of things, not only will your brushes be like new and last a lot longer, but your skin and makeup application will thank you, too. Clean brushes mean bacteria isn't spread about the face and also mean that your application and blends will be crisp and clean rather than muddy.


Once you've used your cleaning product, its important to rinse it out of your brushes completely. Simply do this by holding it under the tap until the water runs out of it clear. You can then gently squeeze the bristles together to remove excess water and swirl the bristles on the back of your hand to re-shape them.


To dry your brushes you're going to need to lay them on a flat surface. Try to make sure that the bristle end of your brush is hanging off of the edge of that surface so that airflow can get to them easily and dry them quickly and thoroughly.

ELF Daiy brush cleanse / NYX On the spot spray / BareMinerals quick change spray / Clinique cleanser / MUFE instant brush cleaner / Iconic London cleanser


Just as you would use a dry shampoo on busy days, you can also use a daily brush spritz to give your brushes a quick spot-clean. Simply spritz the bristales and swirl them onto a flannel or tissue to quickly remove daily build-up. This is also particularly handy if youhave a bright makeup look one day and want to remove the colours from your brushes.

We hope you found our tips handy - do you have any hacks to keep our brushes tip-top? Don't forget you can buy our very own brushes pictured in this post in our online store right now!