Electric Summer Look

Summer is the time to get bold and bright with your makeup. As well as a glow to the Gods it's fun to rock those colours! So, with today's look we are all about bright blues and poppin' pinks; this look has an electric 80's vibe and is sure to look uh-mazing for those boat parties, and even at festivals (you could also add some glitter!).

We're starting with the skin for this look. After priming our skin for an even, flawless base (we used the Smashbox photofinish primer, we are going to go in with our foundation.

We're using a light-medium coverage foundation for this look so that it is still comfortable to wear in the heat. We mixed some Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in with a few drops of the Kiko Metal fushion liquid highlight for a luminous glow and we blended it onto the skin using our famous Bella&Bear Jaguar angled kabuki brush, using downward and outward strokes for a streak-free finish.

Next, we went in with our concealer to bring light to the face and to disguise any pesky blemishes. We worked some Urban Decay Nakes Skin concealer onto the area below the eyes, down the centre of the nose, on the forehead and the chin using our Bella&Bear Ocelot concealer brush, blending it into our foundation seamlessly.

Of course, we want to keep that glow to the skin, but it is still important to set that concealer to prevent it from creasing and sliding off. So, next, we;re using our Bella&Bear Tiger brush to press some translucent setting powder over the top of our concealer.

We then spritzed the face with some of the new Bodyshop calming coconut spray to lock in our makeup and for a refreshing fix.

Let's move on to the eyes now. As with our skin we want to first go in with a primer to lock in our colours and make them ultra-vibrant. We're working some Toofaced Shadow Insurance Primer onto the lid and right up to the brow bone using our ring finger.

We're focusing more on our liner for this look but we still want to add some definiton to the lids, so, taking our Bella&Bear Sand cat brush we are working a matte ivory shadow onto the lid and up to the brow bone. We love shade 'First Love' from the Zoeva Naturally yours palette for this.

We are then picking up a matte transition shade (we love 'Soft&Sexy' from the same Zoeva Palette) on our Bella&Bear Bornean Bay Cat brush and we are working it into the crease of the eye with a windscreen wiper motion to enhance the shape of the eye and make it more defined.

Let's start getting our colour on! We're going to use a bright blue liner - we used the Kiko super colour liner in 'Blue majorelle' here - and we're creating a long, thick wing along the upper lash line with it, using our Bella&Bear Serval angled liner brush. Swoon!

We also want to work some colour onto the lower portion of the eye, so taking our Bella&Bear Marbled Cat brush we are packing a matte turquoise blue shadow along the lower lash line, working it from the inner corner and meeting it up with that wing. We used the BH Cosmetics Take me Back to Brazil palette here.

Thinking about lashes now - of course they have to be loud too! But first, we want to prep them. We use our Bella&Bear Eye&Mighty Lash curler to fan out and curl the lashes to perfection, holding for around 20 seconds on each eye.

We then want to lock that curl in, so we're going in with one coat of our favourite mascara - Maybelline Lash Sensational - wiggling it from the base of the lashes to the tips. Note that we're appling this to our upper lashes only.

We wanted to add some falsies to this look to create some real drama in the eyes, so we're using our Bella&Bear angled tweezers to place some Eylure Texture #117 lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible for an undetectable finish.

As for our bottom lashes, we're working them over with some of the Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo shadow in 'Turquoise forever' using our Bella&Bear Fishing Cat brush.

We want to frame the eyes now, with a set of strong brows. We're using the spoolie end of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush to brush through the hairs, taming them into the desired shape.

We then used the brush end to work some Revolution brow pomade through the hairs, defining the shape and filling in any sparse areas.

After brushing through one more time with the spoolie end to remove any excess product, we locked in the look by brushing the brows through with a small amount of Benefit 24-hour brow setter gel.

Now, lets add some colour back into the skin to stop it looking flat and one-dimensional. We picked up our Bella&Bear Bobcat angled brush and used it to generously dust a matte bronzer over the hollows of the cheeks, the temples, the hair line and the jawline. We love the Benefit Hoola Bronzer for this.

We then added some highlight to the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the brow bones and the cupids bow using our Bella&Bear Margay Cat brush. We love the Toofaced love light highlighter in 'blinded by the light' highlight here!

And, finally for our lips we want to go bright too! We started by lining the lips with some Essence 'Melt Your Heart' liner to keep our lip product from bleeding out and feathering. We then used our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip brush to work some Limecrime Velvetine in 'Pink Velvet' over the lips. Our brush gives an even and precise application!

For the hair, you can keep it natural and beachy or you could add a wig like we did! We brushed through our hair using our Bella&Bear The Bear paddle brush to remove any knots or tangles and we then popped our silver wig on, finishing it off with a cute pink bow!

You're super summery and good to go! Don't forget to share your snaps with us on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid! You can find all of the Bella&Bear tools used here in our online store, and you'll also find an exclusive 15% off code within our blogger of the month post!