Choosing the best makeup for your eye colour

Eye shadow is a beautiful thing right? You can use it to enhance the eyes; making them look larger, more vibrant, and truly striking! But, did you know that there are some eye shadow colours which work best with certain eye colours? They make the eyes sparkle and shine, and truly give them that pop! 

Today we're going to run through which shadows work best with your eye colour so you can get the most out of your peepers!



Beautiful cool blue eyes are complimented perfectly by rich, warm colours! Think Rich browns and deep pinks. Metallic shadows will also make your peepers pop, opt for golds and bronze shadows. Colours with orange undertones make blue eyes look great so consider this when shadow shopping!

Its also a good idea to avoid harsh black eyeliner on the waterline as it can make the eyes look smaller, try a bronze instead.

We recommend;

BROWN; MUG 'Cocoa Bear' / Maybelline 'Ashy Wood' / 

PURPLE; MUG 'Curfew' / MUO 'Rapture' /

ORANGE;  MUO ' Ginger' / MAC 'Rule'

BRONZE; Morphe 'Helena' / Maybelline 'On and on bronze'

PINK; MUG 'Simply Marlena' / Morphe 'Barbie Girl'



Sparkly green eyes can really benefit from deep, jewel coloured shadows; reach for rich purples and wine reds. You can play down the bold colours with earthy neutrals; browns and taupes, applying just a little colour along the lash line or on the outer corner.

If you're looking to add a little shimmer to your green eyes opt for gold toned metallics; rose gold and golden browns work well, as well as rich coppers. Applying a gold shadow will highlight any amber specks within the eyes for a super sparkly look. 

We recommend

BROWN; MUR 'Delicious' / Morphe 'Envy' 

PURPLE; MAC 'Beauty Marked' / ABH 'Burgundy Shimmer

BRONZE; MUO 'Luxe' / Barry M Dazzle Dust 'Bronze' / 

WINE; MUO 'Rare' / Morphe 'Peekaboo' / 

ROSE GOLD; NARS 'Outer Limits'

COPPER;  MAC 'Coppering' / ABH 'Peachy Copper'



Gorgeous brown eyes really pop with a hit of colour sweeped across the lid. Opt for cobalt blues, opulent purples and green-gold shadows to compliment the warm orange and red undertones of your eye colour! And, if you're looking to add a rush of glitter to the eyes then reach for those silver shadows - copper can work too in small amounts so try creating a spotlight effect with it!

We recommend

PURPLE; Maybelline 'Endless purple' / NARS 'Lunar' / 

BLUE;  MUFE 'Azure Blue' / MUG 'Neptune'

SILVER; MUO 'Haute Silver' / MUFE 'Silver' 

GREEN;  MUG 'Venom' / Morphe 'Dirty Martini' / 

BRONZE;  MUO 'Cosmo' /  



Hazel eyes work with a whole host of colours but Autumnal tones are your best bet! Choose rich browns, jewel eggplant, forest greens and dazzling golds. To really make the eyes sparkle then apply those golds and bronze shadows into the inner corners to act as a highlight

Dusty pinks can also work to bring out any green flecks your eyes may have, making them really pop!

We recommend;

GOLD; MUG 'Casino' / Morphe 'Golden Glory' / MUR 'Mountains of Gold' / 

PURPLE MUG 'Fairytale' / ABH Antique 'Lavender

BRONZE Morphe 'Dazzling' / MUFE 'Cauldron'

BROWN Morpe 'Burlesque'  / MUFE 'Hazlenut' / 

PINK Morphe 'Lustrous' / Maybelline 'Pink Gold' / 

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