Colourpop launch Disney Villains collection

Colourpop always seem to be the one to watch, and since the massive success of their Disney Princess collection last year, they really cant seem to do wrong! And now, they're back, and helping us to embrace our dark side with their newest launch; Disney villains!
As cruel as they can be, the Disney villains are always pictured with a killer face of makeup - so who wouldn't want a slice of that?!


 The collection is huge this time round - with everything from lipsticks, to glosses, to highlights, a palette and more. And, even better is that you can purchase specific bundles based around each villain - so if you're more Ursula you can get her treasures, or if your more of a mean Malificent you can stock up on her goodies. Or, if you really want to treat yourself, you can bag the whole collection for $249.

You can choose from 6 lipsticks ($8 each), each emblazoned with their corresponding villains profile and a sleek black casing. Shades are named after the villains themselves and include;

Evil Queen - Cherry Red matte
Hades - peachy nude 
Dr. Facilier - warm berry
Cruella - Vibrant red
Malificent - deep magenta 
Ursula - blackened plum

There are also the beautiful 'Jelly Much' cream shadows ($8 each), also available in 6 shades and each housed in their own pot encased in a villain-specific box. The shadows promise intense pay off in one swipe with no creasing and no fallout! Choose from;

Perfectly wretched - pinky icy taupe with multicolored glitter.
Spindle - cool toned lavender with a champagne gold flip.
Cursed - antique gold
Just your voice - electric blue with a purple duochrome flip.
I own you - coral red shadow with an orange duochrome flip
Not today - jade green with multicolored glitter

Yes, there will be glitter! Choose from 2 intense gel glitter shades which give an 'ultra intense' sparkle - you could wear them on the eyes, lips, as an intense highlight - or just all over your skin for festival season. These retail at $8 and come in;

Do I look like I care? - multi-dimensional silver with a coppery rose gold flip
Anomaly - vibrant teal with multicolored glitters


Of course, there will also be glosses - these retail for $7 each and will act as amazing toppers for your lipsticks or work alone for the wow factor. Choose from 6 shades including;

Bad apple - deep cranberry
My pet - cool toned icy lavender with hot pink duochrome flip
Puppies!!! - see-through gloss with flecks of gold
Hot Headed - duochrome bronzey orange with a hot pink flip.
Sad But True - opalescent blue.
Shadow man - duochrome crimson with a golden-green flip

Villians are extra, we get that, and so do Colourpop. Because they've also incuded 6 killer highlights in the collection. These are $10 each and include a mirror on the inside of the lid as well as some pretty sick neon style packaging on the outside. Will you choose;

Everybody's got a weakness - peach with hot pink flip
Meet me on the other side - peachy gold
Mistress of all evil -  Icy champagne
Poor unfortunate souls - opalescent lavender
Fairest of all - champagne gold.
You idiots! You fools! You imbeciles! - pale peach with a coppery flip and flecks of silver.

You didnt think Colourpop would let a collection without a palette slide, did you?! Of course not - and they've gone big for this one! A 15 pan palette which houses a mix of matte, metallic and jewel shades named 'Misunderstood'. Shades within are;

Top Row (L-R)
No Spots- matte pure white
Mongrels - metallic pinky ivory
Diablo - metallic lime
Devious - matte terracotta
Tragic - matte soft warm beige

Second Row (L-R)
Underworld - metallic bronzey copper

Pain & Panic - metallic mid-tone gold with peachy pink flecks
Forest of Thorns - metallic orchid
Flotsam - metallic baby pink with blue glitter
The Fates - matte deep blue

Third Row (L-R)
Revenge - matte charcoal grey with silver glitter

Sing - metallic dark brown with hot pink to gold duochrome flip
Jetsam - metallic denim blue with teal duochrome flip
Facile - metallic rich olive green with gold flecks
101 - matte black

The collection launched on March 21st and is available through and also on - which pieces will you be trying?