Could a TooFaced X Britney Palette Be On The Way?!

Britney fans and makeup lovers everywhere rejoice - almost anyway! Jerrod Blandino (Co-founder of Too-Faced, dontcha know) has been up to his usual tricks of teasing us with Insta snaps of upcoming products without telling us directly what to expect.

This time the sneaky peek too the form of this ultra- shimmery, ultra-glam palette left simply with the caption “I’m a slave for you #toofaced”.
Being the lyrics of one of Brits biggest hits, this got tongues wagging all around the beauty world and speculations running wild.

Although TooFaced have yet to confirm anything we think its pretty obvious that fans would be so up for a BritneyXTooFaced Palette and that it would be a straight-up sellout. We are dying to get the lowdown on it and will update you as soon as we hear anything!

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