D.I.Y Heart wreath

We are so excited for Valentines.. and nowadays its not just a day for couples, you can celebrate with your girlfriends, have brunch with your mum or go catch a movie with your sister. It's an occasion to show your loved ones how much they mean to you .. and of course it's a also a good excuse to get crafty and dress the house up a little! In today's post we are making this sweet heart wreath hanger!

You'll just need a few supplies for this make, and we found IKEA super handy for the floral pieces!

Gather together 
. Artificial leaves (we opted for eucalyptus)
. Artificial flowers (choose some smaller and a couple of larger ones for a focal point)
. cardboard
. a hot glue gun
. a length of ribbon

- We started by cutting out a heart shape from some cardboard, keeping it thin so it doesn't show through once we glue on our foliage and flowers!
- Next, we pulled all of the twigs and leaves off of our eucalyptus branches and placed them to the side for easy access. You can choose to leave the stalks on the leaves or to trim them off with some pliers.
- Next we use our Bella&Bear pointed tweezers to pierce a hole in the top of the heart and we threaded some pink ribbon through it.

- Now, we want to prepare our flowers so, again, we pull of the heads and trim down the stalks with our pliers.
- Lets start gluing now. We first glue the twigs onto the cardboard heart. They needn't be in the exact shape (unless you want them to be of course), as they will look more rustic this way! You should lay out the twigs in the design you like first of all, shuffling them around until you are happy with how they look.
- To follow we glue on some eucalyptus leaves. We glue them in front of and beneath the twigs randomly and facing in all directions.

- We finish by gluing on our flowers; starting by choosing the focal point for the larger blooms and following by placing the smaller ones.
- Allow your creation time to dry and then choose somewhere to hang it! Choose somewhere where it will be seen and appreciated by all ... just don't forget that the backing is made from cardboard so it may not hold up well in rainy conditions!

Doesn't it look so sweet?! You could make a few in different colour schemes and with different leaves to hang around your home or gift to your loved ones! Dont forget to tag us in your creation photos over on insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!