D.I.Y Watermelon Tie-Dye Tee

Hooray for the sunshine! It doesn't matter if you're having a vacay or a staycay, there's no better reason to get colourful with your clothing, so today we are showing you how to get this adorable D.I.Y watermelon Tie-dye Tee... and you only need a few things!

Gather together;

  • White T-shirt/Vest
  • Black Sharpie
  • 2x Elastic Bands
  • Pink & Green fabric dyes
  • Cling Wrap

  • Start by drawing some 'seeds' onto the top 1/3 of your tee using your black Sharpie (or marker pen!). You can add as many or as few as you prefer.
  • Next, wrap one of your elastic bands around your tee just inder where you drew the seeds and the other about an inch below that.

  • Now, lay your tee out on an old surface - something you don't mind ruining like a piece of cardboard or an old towel. Begin dousing the top section with the pink dye, followed by the bottom section with the green dye. Leave the middle section white and don't worry if the colours bleed through a little - it will add to the effect!
  • We then flipped the t-shirt over and repeated the steps.
  • Next, wrap your tee in cling wrap, keeping the colours in their own section so they dont mix and go muddy - wrap it like a giant sausage.
  • Leave it for 6-8 hours (or over night if you can) to allow the colour to seep into the fabric and get really vibrant! 

  • Now, unwrap your creation and run it under cold water until the water runs completely clear, and allow to dry.
  • You brand new, Summer-tastic tee is ready to pair with your fave denim shorts and sandals!

Isn't it just so cute! You can get so creative with tie-dye - its the perfect Summer activity! Tag your summer #bellaandbearbabe selfie with us on Insta for a chance to be featured over on our grid!