DIY Hot Chocolate baubles

When giving gifts, its always so nice to be able to give something which is home made with love and care. As well as being unique, something made by hand is always so thoughtful. Today, we're showing you how to make these cute hot chocolate ornaments - they're perfect for secret Santa, wrapped with a festive mug.

You will need;

  • Clear plastic baubles - you can find these on Amazon
  • Dry hot cocoa powder (we used milk and white varieties)
  • Christmas Sprinkles
  • Mini marsh mallows

 To put them together; 

  • Start by taking the lids off of your baubles and set them aside. The baubles we used are these and are 12cm.
  • Now, using a funnel, fill your baubles to about 1/3 full with your chosen cocoa powder. We did one with milk and one with white!
  • Then, you need to layer in the toppings! We did sprinkles first, choosing some that would contrast the colour of the cocoa powder.
  • Then finally we added in the mallows, making sure to push them down and add in as many as possible before popping the lids back on.
  • If you are gifting them then thread some ribbon through the lid and add a little gift tag on as a sweet finishing touch!

You could also add other things to personalise your baubles, like chocolate chips, peanut butter nibs, candy cane crumbles - or anything you like!

Aren't they cute?!