Fake Tan guide 2019

Tanning is a pretty serious thing in 2019 - its becoming increasingly popular with the rise in social media holiday snaps! Holiday go-ers and stay-cationers alike want that gorgeous glow before their break has even begun. And, the good news is that getting a bottled tan is easier now than ever; there are endless options on the market and thankfully we've moved past the days of Cheeto-esque scents and orange hued skin so even if you're a faux glow novice you'll get gorgeous results! 
Today we're giving you our Top Tanning Tips!

It's something which can really make or break your tan so be sure to make time for this step. A good exfoliation one day before you tan will ensure that dead skin build ups are removed and will aid in an even application and, therefore, consistent colour on finish! Did you know we even have our very own Bella&Bear scrub range now? Choose from Ocean Spray Foaming Salt Scrub, Rose & Ivy scrub or Goddess Sugar Scrub (pssst, they're all vegan!).
Simply rub the scrub over the skin in circular motions - focus on those dry areas like ankles and elbows - and then rinse with warm water.

Although it is tempting to shave right before you tan, you really shouldn't! Shaving can cause the new skin to be temporarily sensitive so following this immediately with a tan could cause havoc to your skin and the finish of the product! Be sure to shave around 12-24 hours before you plan to tan!
You can even use our brand new Bella&Bear 3-in-1 unicorn dreams; its a body wash, a shave cream and a moisturiser all in one handy product!

Although it is preferable to have a soft, smooth base to apply your tan to, its important to remember that most moisturisers include ingredients like perfumes and oils, which can affect the application of your tan. Go ahead and moisturise on the days leading up to your tan but, on your tanning day, avoid applying it altogether - if you can, try to avoid deodorants and perfumes too! Its worth noting, though, that you can lightly moisturse dryer areas - like elbows, wrists and ankles on tan day!

As we mentioned, there are tons of tans on the market, so do you research and choose the right one for you; you may prefer a foam, spray or lotion formula, you may want one which is wash off, instant or gradual, and you may want a scented or unscented one - shop around and see what takes your fancy!

Remember when you were younger and a quick tan left you with palms as orange as a bag of cheetos?! Well, no more - mitts are the way forward! Pop your product directly onto the mitt and use sweeping motions to get a streak free application, working from your legs upwards, leaving your face, hands and feet til very last!

So you've prepped, primed and applied - don't ruin all that work now! Some tans may be labelled as fast drying but to stay on the side of caution opt for loose dark clothing for 6-8 hours after tanning, to really let it settle into the skin! You can then go ahead and rinse off excess to reveal your inner glowing goddess!

Now that your tan is applied, washed and dried its time to moisturise! This will keep your skin hydrated and stop your tan from going patchy - be sure to do this daily! You could even spritz one some body glitter for an added sparkle!

What is your go-to faux tan?! Be sure to share your summer #bellaandbearbabes snaps with us on insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!