#FauxTanLife - Pro Glow Tips

You might have read our post last week about choosing the best bottled tan for you - well, good news! We're back with all the tips you need for achieving that pro glow - without a patch or streak in sight!


This one pretty much goes without saying but fake tan does have a habit of sticking to dry areas of the skin causing those dreaded patches, so before you even think about applying any tan to your body be sure to take a shower and SCRUB! Use your favourite oil free skin exfoliator (pssst - oil creates a barrier between the skin and products so its no good to use before a tan!) and use it all over your body to remove any dead or dry skin and leave you with a smooth base. This also goes for your face so grab your fave facial exfoliator and get to it! Did you know its also a good idea to quickly blast your skin with cold water at the end of your shower? This will close the pores and stop you from getting those little dark brown dots when you apply your tan.


This is a key step in achieving a flawless and even tan. Take an oil-free moisturiser and apply it to the driest areas of your skin - usually the hands and wrists, the backs of the heels and the elbows and knees, rubbing it in in circular motions. If you have a dry face you can also moisturise it now too. Its best to do this 20-30 mins before you tan to allow it to fully absorb into the skin.


The dreaded orange palms and dark cuticles are a dead giveaway of an at-home tan so cut them off at the source by using the right tools when you apply your tan. Latex gloves are a must if you want natural palms and fingertips. Whether you choose to use them alone or under a mitt, just be sure to use them. Once you're done applying your tan you can remove the gloves and lightly press the backs of your hands against the small of your back, so they get a natural coating.


So, you want that all over tan, but don't forget that certain areas of the body - including the face - just don't tan as much as others so when tanning your face be sure to consider this. The best way to tan the face while ensuring a realistic look is to mix your self tanner with a small measure of your usual (oil-free) moisturiser. You can blend them together on your gloves or mitt and apply as you usually would.


We all know that tanning your back on your own is a mission fit for Wonder Woman, but believe it or not there is a way to do it - you just need a few tools! You're gonna need a back brush, a hair tie and, of course, your tanning mitt. Simply place your mitt over the back brush and use the hair tie to secure it in place. You can then put your self tanner onto the mitt as usual and presto! You'll be able to get to those hard-to-reach areas, like your back, all on your own.


A little known, but highly effective tip is to pat down your armpits, your inner elbows and the backs of your knees with a talc-free baby powder once your tan is dry. Product can crease on these areas as sweat can effect them so dust some powder on with your Bella&Bear Tiger brush (psst, use code 'KITTEN15' to get 15% off) before you put your clothes back on.


So, you've just spent the last few hours prepping for and painstakingly applying the perfect faux tan and the last thing you wanna do it ruin it by putting on tight fitting clothes - or stain your clothes by putting on your brightest white tee! The best thing you can do is to grab a loose fitting, dark garment - like a jersey dress or jumpsuit - and rock it until your tan is completely dry.


We hope you found our pro glow tips helpful - you can share yours with us on social media! You can shop all of our tools in our online store right now!