Get UNready with us - night time routine!

Getting ready for bed needn't be a chore. Taking your makeup off at the end of a long day is such a good feeling - and your skin will thank you for it too! Today, we are sharing our night time routine; it'll leave you feeling relaxed, and get you on your way to your best skin ever!


We always start by removing our eye makeup. This will avoid any makeup running into the eyes when you wash your face later. Be sure to use an effective, but soothing product, the eyes are very delicate and the skin around them is sensitive so it's important to take care of them everyday. We love the Nivea Double effects eye makeup remover and we press this onto the eye with a cotton disc for a few seconds before gently swiping it away, repeating until all makeup is gone!


After tying your hair back, its time to take off that face makeup. Use your fave cleanser and some warm water to gently clean the skin and remove makeup, you could use a soft cleansing brush for a deep clean, but if you have sensitive skin then opt for a flannel, again, pressing it onto the skin and swiping away rather than scrubbing your skin raw.

Every other night, we also like to exfoliate to keep the skin glowing and fresh. A gentle exfoliant will remove dead, dull skin cells, renewing the skins surface. We love the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator as it is all natural and has gentle beads, we work it over the skin with our fingers.

Once the exfoliant is rinsed off we like to use a toner. This keeps the skin tight and youthful and also helps to stop breakouts in their tracks. We wipe some of the Body Shop Petal Soft Toner over our skin with a cotton disc, covering our face and neck and allowing time to dry. If you have a sensitive skin, you might like to use a gentle micellar water here instead.


We like to take a bath each night with a scented bath bomb or a generous amount of bubble product. Using one with lavender will help you to unwind and relax. Some nights it is nice to have an ultra calming environment so we light some candles, and play some soft music during our bath.

Its also nice to use a face mask once a week too, to deep clean the skin and pull any dirt right out of the pores. You could make your own mask with one of our recipes or you can use your fave shop bought one - just be sure to select one to work with your skin (psst, our Bella&Bear Ocelot brush doubles as a great mask applicator). You can then sit back and soak for 10-15 mins while your mask works its magic.

While we are in the bath we also like to clean the skin and, every few days, exfoliate the body. You can use a coarser scrub over the skin on the body, working it in circles to slough off dead skin cells and also to help prevent ingrown hairs. The Miss Patisserie scrubs are vegan and oh-so pretty!

Once your mask is set you can get out of the bath and wash it off with clean warm water - don't use your bath water or you'll just be putting other products onto the skin that you don't want there! If you have a clay or drying mask simply use a flannel and press it onto the mask before pulling the product away! 


Now it's time to tone again to remove any traces of mask and to refresh the skin.

Then we like to apply other products like eye creams, blemish target treatments and lip balm, we also coat our lashes with a little coconut oil using the spoolie end of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brush to help the lashes grow long and strong!

We prefer to use a specific night cream in the evenings to allow it to sink deep into the skin and really get to work. We also like to switch things up every few days by applying an oil to inject some moisture back into the skin - our fave is the L'Occtaine Comforting face oil


First we put some deodorant on to stay nice and fresh and then, to follow on from that exfoliation, we want to lock some moisture back in for a glowing, healthy skin. So we take our moisturiser and work it over the skin, allowing it time to skin in before popping our comfiest PJ's on.


A good nights sleep is a must for a healthy mind, so to ensure we get a restful night we like to spritz our pillow and bed linen with a soothing spray. We then read a book in bed for a little while before getting our 8 hours sleep!

Having a good night time routine is essential for a good sleep and to keep you feeling refreshed and your best - what is your fave part of your night time routine? Don't forget you can pick up the lovely Bella&Bear pieces mentioned in this post - as well as all of our other pieces in our online store right now!