Get your skin winter ready

Winter is such a beautiful time, but it can cause havoc for your skin! So today we are sharing out best tips to prepare your skin for the colder and months and keep it in tip-top condition!


It may seem like a chore but regular exfoliation - think once to twice weekly - will not only get rid of the dreaded dead skin but it'll also aid in faster absorption of your other products, meaning soft, hydrated skin all season long! Our very own Bella&Bear Rose and Ivy scrub is ideal as it hydrates while exfoliating!


At this time of year there are so many factors drying out our delicate skin; cold winds, freezing rain and even constant heating systems indoors. There's a simple way to combat it though - reach for a rich cream. 
light lotions are fine in the Summertime, but Winter calls for something more drastic - this applies to face and body! We recommend the 

Japanese Camellia cream / Laura Mercier body souffle / Glossier Body Hero / Snowflake  


Isn't it just horrible when you're hands have been out in those bitter conditions all day and they start to turn red, chapped and numb! You can stop it before it even starts by wearing a pair of cosy gloves, and keeping a bourishing hand cream in your bag for moisture hits throughout the day!

Mustard Cable Knit / Leopard Print / Navy wool button gloves /  Dogtooth gloves / Pumpkin hand cream / Burts Bees Hand Salve / Soap&Glory Hand Food


Our lips are so susceptible to the elements - particularly at this harsh time of year, so be sure to care for them using a delicate scrub as well as a trusty balm. Tp up the anti, use a toothbrush to work your exfolitor on, this will give an extra boost to plump your lips and keep them smooth

orange gummy bear scrubpumpkin spice scrub / peppermint lip scrub / Paul&Joe Lip treatment / EOS Shimmer Sphere / Hemp Heavy Duty Balm


Those feet need some Winter TLC too, ya know! Being wrapped up in heavy shoes all day can really take a toll, so be sure to show your feet some love and give them an at-home pedi every week or so! 
Start with a warm dip in warm water with a foot soak, follow with some exfoliation to stop build up of dead skin cells and finish with a generous helping of intensley rich cream - you could even pop on some socks to really help your skin absprb all that moisturising goodness!

 Bodyshop foot rescue / Bella&Bear Eucalyptus Salts / Bella&Bear Exfoliating scrub / Pink popcorn socks / cable knit socks

How do you take care of your skin in the winter months?! We hope our tips helped you!