Lets get retro! As well as spooky looks, Halloween is also a perfect time to get creative with your makeups - and we think this comic book look is just perfect; it's colourful, kitsch and actually quite simple!

Lets start with our base - as always we want it smooth and flawless. So, we're first going in with our primer; we love the Gerard Cosmetics BB+ Illumination creme, and we work it over the face using our fingers.

After that's absorbed, we are going to apply our foundation. We use our Bella&Bear jaguar angled kabuki to work some Estee Lauder double wear over the face and down the neck. We work in downward and outward motions to give a streak free, even finish.

Next, we use our Bella&Bear Ocelot concealer brush and some Collection Lasting perfection concealer to disguise and problem areas and brighten the skin. We work on our under-eyes, our forehead, chin and over any pimples.

Lets set that now with some powder. Using our Bella&Bear tiger brush we dust over the face with some Essence All About Matte translucent powder and finish with a spritz of the Revolution oil control fixing spray to lock that base in place.

Let's get bright! We're first going to prime the eyes with some Benefit Stay Dont Stray eye shadow primer to keep our colours in place, and then we're taking some snazaroo purple face paint on our Bella&Bear golden cat brush and were working it over the lid up to the crease.

To follow, we're filling in the lower waterline with some snazaroo white face paint to make the eyes appear larger and more cartoon like. We do this with our Bella&Bear Caracal liner brush.

Lets define that work. Taking some snazaroo black face paint and our Bella&Bear serval angled liner we are outlining those eyes. Drawing along the crease, an eyeliner flick and below that white waterline. You could also use eyeliner!

Let's focus on the lashes now. We start by curling our own lashes with our Bella&Bear Eye and Mighty curlers for some lift and then lock that curl in with a coat of mascara.

We then use our Bella&Bear angled tweezers to apply some large and dramatic falsies to the natural lash line!

Still using that black, we are now going to draw in some brows. We use the spoolie end of our Bella&Bear iberian lynx brow brush to brush an over-exaggerated expression to the brows an then fill them in with our Bella&Bear Caracal liner brush

Next, we're going to fill in the lips. Taking a bright pink matte lip product and our Bella&Bear Rusty spotted cat lip brush we are filling in the lips, over-lining them slightly.

Cleaning off our Bella&Bear serval angled liner brush, we are now going to use it to add in some of those classic comic book colour spots. Were going in with snazaroo white and using the bottom end of our brush to start dotting it all over the face and neck, this will give consistent and even dots. We start our dots in the centre of the face and work outward.

Its time to outline again! Using our Bella&Bear Caracal liner brush and that same black face paint we are going to draw in some lines to create shape and 2-dimension. We are drawing down the right side of the nose, the nostrils, around the lips, along the hollows of the cheeks and the chin.

Lets also go in with some more white for shading-like and highlight detail. We use our Bella&Bear Fishing cat brush to work some detail lines onto the edges of the lips and the brow bones

We then spritz the face again to lock everything in place. First spraying in an X shape over the face and then across the forehead and down the centre of the nose. 

No comic book look would be complete without a bold wig would it?! But, first we must prepare our hair, so we take our Bella&Bear the Bear paddle brush and work it through the hair to rid it of tangles and make it smooth and sleek.

We then part the hair in the centre and plait each section tighly, securing in place with hairbands. 

Then, we pin those braids to the back of the head, keeping them as flat as possible to stop our wig getting bumps!

Now, we pop on our wig cap, and then our silver wig!

We hope you enjoyed this look - be sure to remove your makeup once your done with it to keep your skin clear and healthy! Don't forget that all of our product links take you straight to our US Store but don't worry, we ship to the UKAustraliaGermanyItalyFrance, and Spain too! 

Happy Shopping!