Jeffree Star is back with Blue Blooded Collection

Jeffree is back, and cooler than ever! As always, he has checked out whats on the market, and gone one better, one bolder, one bigger.
He took to Instagram to tease fans with his new Blue Blooded palette and later launched details of all products in the new collection (as well as swatches) over on his Youtube channel.

The collection focuses on the lesser seen blues and ices, giving make up fans a new way to get creative with their looks - and it is set to be his biggest yet, featuring not only makeup - but apparel too! Let's take a look ...

Say Hello to the Blue Blooded palette, just like its sister palette (blood sugar), it houses 18 unique pans in a mix of metallics, mattes, nudes and 3 pressed pigments. The palette will retail for $52 and like all other JS products will be vegan and cruelty free.

The housing for the Blue Blooded palette is described by Jeffree as somewhere between a coffin and an elegant jewellery box and features an icy blue clasp.

The shades inside are;

Cullinan - an icy white which can be used as highlight
Minty - a mint matte shade
Crystal flesh - a metallic champagne
I'm Cold - a powder blue
Untouchable - a soft peach pressed powder perfect as a transition shade.
Priceless - a nude macron, also a perfect transition shade
Power - a blue-grey
Blue blood - the palettes namesake
Deceased - a deep metallic cyan
Ice tray - a soft pale blue
Blue monday - a vibrant matte blue pressed pigment
Flourishing - a neon teal matte
Wealthy - a matte brow bone colour 
Celebrity skin - a soft brown matte
Entitled - a metallic teal with glitter 
Ocean ice - a pressed pigment 
Cremated - a forest grey matte
Undertaker - a deepest blue matte

Next up is the Blue Blooded mini lip liquid set, featuring 8 shades in the iconic JS long-lasting, ultra vibrant formula.

The shades within are;
Drug lord - a pure white which can also be used for cur crease and eyeliners
Ice tray - a new shade, periwinkle blue with reflective glitter
Jawbreaker - a vibrant blue neon
Blue velvet - a navy blue
Abused - a dark navy
Diamond - a light periwinkle
Titanic - a new shad, glitter true blue
Medusa - a slate grey with blue undertone 

There are also 5 new skin frost liquid highlighters, which come in a pale blue box with holographic detailing - a switch up from the classic pink JS packaging.
Choose from;

Michigan ice - a silver blue with baby blue glitter
Ice cream bling - a peach gold 
Frostitude - a mermaid teal iridescent
Blue balls - a icy blue with pink micro glitter for deeper skin tones
Expensive - a gold with blue glitter 

Of course, there are also some new 'flavours' of the iconic velour lip scrub exfoliators; Blue freeze (slurpee flavour), V0anilla mint and Blueberry pie.

You'll also be able to pick up accessories and apparel like the Star mirror in a new blue chrome design, travel makeup bags in a powder blue or a vibrant blue which will be made with vegan leather and again blue clasps.
There are also some new tracksuits in a baby blue with dark blue stars and a dark blue with white stars! Finish it off with a hat in baby blue with a dark blue logo or a baby blue with a pink pink logo and a cute JS clasp adjuster on the back!

The entire collection is due to launch on march 29 through the JS website  and is bound to be a sellout, so if you see something you like then you'll have to be fast!