Jennifer Aniston's Top Beauty Tips

The ever-radiant Jennifer Aniston is totally our girl crush and today we are going to share some of her legendary beauty secrets - for glowing skin, a healthy lifestyle and ageing well. Shes the most notorious natural beauty in showbiz and we love her! We think she is the perfect, positive role model for women of all ages!




Jennifer Aniston is known for her youthful glow - but how does she achieve it? 'The product I've been using for years and years and I just love is Aveeno Daily Moisturisting Lotion. I also use Aveeno's face cream that has sunscreen in it,' she says. "Honestly, simplicity is the best. Don't get fooled by fancy bottles and expensive products. I've learned that fancy products aren't necessarily the best!'

Another helpful tip we've learned from her is to 'regularly use masks on your hair and on your face'. We think we can get on board with that one - what's better than a relaxing mask?! Jennifer says she likes to make her own 'Avacado mask with egg whites.' - so simple!


Ageing is something most women worry about but just taking a few small steps can really help to change your view. Aniston says 'I think if you take care of your skin and you eat well, I think ageing is amazing because you gain wisdom for every year lived. Ageing is wonderful!' What a beautiful way to look at the ageing process.

Jennifer Aniston also says that she takes care of her skin in the sun - which is something we know can drastically age skin if not done. She says 'My favourite [spf] is the Aveeno sunscreen SPF 30. They also have SPF 50.' Its great to hear that she chooses such affordable products!

Aniston says her philosophy on beauty has changed over the years. She says 'Emotionally and mentally, I would say it’s just about loving yourself and loving what you’ve been given—to really appreciate it and take care of it. Because this is the only body we’re given, we need to be really good and mindful of what we eat and how we take care of our skin—getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important, as is hydrating with water, water, water. It’s so important to getting that extra glow.' We love hearing someone in the public eye having such a positive view of ageing, and uplifting women of all ages. 

Eating habits & Exercise

We all know eating healthily will make your body happy inside as well as out, and Aniston can really vouch for this. 'I eat very healthily.' She says 'Like, for breakfast I had a grapefruit and then I had oatmeal with some almond milk and some berries.' She also swears by drinking plenty of water, 'I drink 100 ounces of Smartwater every day, that's the equivalent of 12 ½ glasses.'

She says she also enjoys regular excercise too, to keep her body in top form. 'I love running so much. Changing it up all the time is really important so your body doesn’t get used to it.' Well, they do say variety is the spice of life.

But, her number one beauty tip? 'To just drink water, stay hydrated and sleep. It's so boring, yet so simple.'

We hope you found Jennifer Anistons tips as inspiring as we did! Don't forget you can share your top tips with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Insta pages!