Lash Curler 'Eye liner' hack!

Our Bella&Bear Lash curler isn't called Eye&Mighty for no reason, its your one stop tool for all things eyes! Not only does it deliver beautifully curled, fanned out lashes time after time with no pinching or snapping .. it can also be a means of applying your liner.

That's right! You can use your curler to apply your eyeliner. What?! Just follow our simple steps to achieve your easiest ever eyeliner!

It goes without saying that you should have a skincare regimen each morning! Whether it be a quick cleanse, tone and moisturise or a deeper clean with a scrub and mask. Be sure to do this everyday before you apply makeup, not only for a clearer skin but for a better application too.
Now, prime the skin and eyes. You can use your fave primer, but we are loving the Bodyshop Instablur right now. Priming will create a smooth canvas for your makeup and will help your skin appear poreless and flawless.
If you are applying shadow then go ahead and do it now, too!

If you are trying this hack for the first time then it'll work in your favour to use a  gel/cream liner - liquid liner will slip and spread too easily and can become messy with too much pressure.
So, taking your liner, draw a straight line along the top part of your lash curler. Opt to draw it as thick or thin as you prefer but keep it as straight as possible

Watch as we perform our first trick! Now, use your lash curler as you usually would - pop your lashes through and clamp down for 20- 30 seconds. Make sure you press the curler firmly onto the lid / lash line to ensure that you get maximum transfer of your product. Et Voila, curled lashes and a nifty eyeliner line! Be sure to wipe your curler clean before you repeat on the other eye
Of course you could use any lash curler for this trick, but our very own Eye&Mighty curler is just perfect as it is ergonomically designed to fit all eye shapes with comfort and ease

You may be happy with your liner how it is, or you may want to go a little extra by winging it out. If so, simply use your Bella&Bear serval angled liner brush to work some more of that liner onto the outer corner of the eye for your perfect wing.
You can also now go in with your mascara to make those lashes dark and doll-like!
Have you tried this hack?! What did you think? Share your results with us over on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!