LipSmacker X Crayola!

Crayola have to be the most colourful company on the planet - and after the wild success of their previous collabs (Asos, clinique and Sally Hansen!) there is no doubt that this one will have you 'tickled pink' too!

The collection is set to feature Lip-Smacker fan faves; lip glosses and tinted balms in Crayola's signature style, and each one will be scented! Retro chic! 

There will be 3 different sets available in the collection and each one is ridiculously affordable so whether you want a nostalgic hit, or are looking for a gift for any budding MUA, there will be something for you. 

This sweet little set includes 8 lip balms in 'Outrageous Orange', 'Granny Smith Apple', 'Razzmatazz', 'Jazzberry Jam', 'Banana Mania', 'Pink Sherbet', 'Cotton Candy', and 'Wild Watermelon'. As mentioned, each crayon will be scented according to their name.

For those who prefer a glossy finish, opt for the liquid party pack! This set features 5 shades; 'Wild Strawberry', 'Plumcicle', 'Green Jelly Bean', 'Firefly Red Punch', and 'Aquamarine Magic'.

And finally, there is the lip balm trio, each one is slightly tinted but amazingly scented; 'Banana Mania', 'Outrageous Orange', and 'Pink Sherbet'.

The collection is said to launch sometime this month and will be available through Target and Lipsmackers, so keep your eyes peeled and add some retro goodness to your summer kit!