LUSH Launch huge Holiday 2019 collection

Is it even the countdown to Christmas if LUSH haven't dropped their holiday collection?! Well good news - the brand just released their 2019 festive collection, so its time to get in the spirit and do some shopping! This years collection is bigger than ever, with over 70 items, including new and limited edition pieces!


Snow fairy shower gel £5 / Snowcake Shower Gel £12 / Hot toddy Shower Gel £12 / Snow Fairy Naked £8 / YogNog Shower Gel £7 / Drummers Dumming Jelly £6/ Silver Bells Jelly £6/ YogNog Naked £11 / Happy Shower Gel £6/ Santas Belly Jelly £6 / 

Of course LUSH had to bring back the cult fave 'Snow Fairy', its got that super sweet scent we've all come to love, and this year it is available in multiple forms - keep your eyes peeled!
The brand are going strong with their plastic free products and offering numerous festive fragrances in their Naked editions - so you can shop savvy!



Golden Pear £7.50/ Night Bloom £6 / Butterbear £4 / Snow Fairy £4.50 / Winterberry £5.50 / Snow Apple £7.50 / Baked Alaska £6/ Satsuma £7 / Shooting Stars £5/ 

If soap is more your thing, then you're in for a treat, as there are lots to choose from this year.
We love that Night bloom comes in 2 different colours, and you wont know which one you've got until you (or a recipient) opens it at home!



Giant Luxury lush pud -£14.95 / Santa Bomb Bomb £9.95 / Not so Secret Santa £3.95 / Penguin Bomb Bomb £9.95 / Elf Bomb bomb £9.95 / Golden Wonder £5.50 / Shoot the Stars £4.95 / Luxury Lush Pud £4.95 / The Worlds smallest dico £5.50 / Frozen £6.95 / Abominaball £5.95 / Phoenix Rising £4.95 / Snow Fairy £4.95 / Fireball £4.95 / 

A trip to LUSH just isn't complete without picking up a bathbomb (or 10!) is it?! As well as bringing back some old faves, you'll also find some new offerings too, so no matter which type of scent you prefer, there will be something for you.
We've heard of 'go big or go home', but we were still shook when we saw the size of the Giant Luxury pud - its enormous and would certainly make a statement in a secret santa sack!


Magic Wand £6.50 / Candy Cane £3.95 / Dont Let the Bells End Amazeball -£8.50 / SnowFairy Amazeball £8.50 / Holly Golightly Amazeball £8.50 / 

Just when you thought bathbombs couldnt get any more luxe, LUSH went and out did themselves with the new 'Amazeballs' - simply pop off the top and sprinkle the dust within into your bath before dropping the bomb in for the ultimate relaxation.
Or, if you prefer something reusable then opt for a bubble bar for the gift that keep giving!


Golden pair body spray £20 / YogNog Body spray 320 / Celebrate BodySpray £20 / Snow Fairy BodySpray £20 /. Yog Nog Body Conditioner £10 / Once Upon a time naked body lotion £12 / Snow Fairy naked body condtioner £9/ Snow Fairy body conditioner £9 / once upon a time body lotion £10 /  Yog Nog Naked body conditioner £10 / Fairy dust powder £9 / Cookie Dough Body scrub £12 / 

Add a little sparkle to your seasonal ensemble with LUSHs Fairy Dist powder - its scented like Snow Fairy too!
For a silky smooth skin this festive season then try out the new Cookie Dough body scrub, it smells good enough to eat!


Sugar plum fairy Lip scrub £6.50 / Rudolph Jelly face mask £12 / Buche De Noel Cleanser £9 / Snow Fairy Glow Stick highlighter £12/ YogNog Glow Stick Highlighter £12 / Santas Belly Glow Stick Highlighter £12 / Worlds Smallest Disco Glow Stick Highlighter £12 / 

If you haven't tried LUSHs lip scrubs yet (where have you been?!), now is definitely the time to start! The Sugar Plum Fairy scrub is super sweet - and edible too!
There are also some beautiful Naked Highllight sticks to try out - in 4 different hues and all super flattering!


Cinammon Orange Bath oil Tablet £6.95 / Snowman bath melt tablet £6.95 / Retro bath melt tablet £6.95 / Warm Sock Bath oil £3.95 / 

If you want to try something a little different in your bath this season, then reach for the Bath oil tablets - they're moisturising and so warming! Perfect for a toasty bath!

There is so, so much to choose from this year, it'll be hard to choose which pieces to buy! Which ones do you have your eye on?