Secrets from Makeup Artists | Mistakes to Avoid

There are some makeup sins which we are all guilty of committing - and we don't even know it! We chatted about some of them in our recent post - 'Top beauty mistakes and how to avoid them', but we have now updated and added 11 new topics  for you to consider in your own beauty routine, fresh from the mouths of the people in the know; professional makeup artists

Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Blush

Blusher should complement your natural blush tone, not overwhelm your face. If you are wearing a bolder lip try wearing a blush which is more subtle and less pink. If, however, you're opting for a nude lip, you can try out a blush or bronzer which is a little bolder.

Not Cleaning Your Brushes

We gave you our top brush cleaning tips in our recent article; Brush Cleaning 101Applying makeup with dirty brushes or old, unwashed sponges will lead to muddy makeup application and bad skin hygiene, so never skip it. Wash your brushes and tools regularly for flawless looking makeup at every application.

Not Changing Up Your Makeup Seasonally

Even though we all have our staples and faves, our complexion and skin does change from season to season, meaning we should think about changing up the products in our makeup bag, too. During spring and summer months try switching to waterproof pencils and primers to keep the heat from melting your makeup away. Its always good to use a richer moisturiser during the colder seasons, too, to properly hydrate your skin and stop it from flaking. Did you also know that nine out of 10 people have a complexion that is one to four shades darker in the summer time, so start the summer with an update on your fave foundation to compliment your look and keep you from looking washed out.

Testing Foundation Shades On The Wrong Area

Most of us will test a foundation on the back of our hand when we are wanting to colour-match and buy a new one.This is actually the incorrect way to do so, your hands can have more redness than your face, so its best to apply the new foundation on your jawline to get a true colour match result.

Forgetting To Prime

Priming is one of the best ways to positively impact your makeup application. A good primer will keep your makeup in place for hours and will also give it a good base, meaning you can look forward to a flawless, more even finish. Prime your face after you have moisturised but before you apply your foundation. We love the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

Making your Brows Too Dark

For a natural looking brow its best to go a shade lighter or use a less harsh touch to fill them out. For example, use a brow pencil and use light, hair-like strokes to fill in and define the natural brow, this will make them appear as natural-but-better.

Curling Your Lashes After Mascara Application

Lash curlers (Such as our very own 'Eye and Mighty' Curler) work best on clean lashes with no product applied to them. This way there is less chance of pulling and lashes out or breaking them off. Curl your bare lashes first and then apply mascara and wait for it to dry. You can add another coat of mascara after the first has dried, if you want more volume.

Not Blending Your Face to Your Neck

After using the wrong shade of foundation, the second biggest makeup sin is not blending. Always blend your foundation downward and outward, including onto your neck, so that your face is the same shade as your body. If you'd like to practise this, you could start with a tinted moisturiser as they tend to give a more natural finish without too much work.

Overdoing The Blush

Aside from wearing the wrong shade of blusher, another mistake that a lot of us make is overloading on it. Applying too much blusher can give off that dreaded 'clown' look. Your blush should give you a healthy glow and add just a dash of colour to your complexion. The best way to apply your blush is to smile and focus the colour on the apples of the cheeks, then you can gently blend backwards towards your temples, making sure there are no harsh lines.

Wearing A Lip Liner That’s Too Dark

Even though it was a key look in the 90's, it is considered a makeup sin now. Over-lined lips are a no-go. The key to getting the perfect lip liner is to choose one that’s just one shade darker or brighter than your natural lip colour, nothing too extreme!

Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Eye Shadow

Believe it or not, there are some shadows that will make your eye colour pop and look super gorgeous, whereas there are others just wont work with your eye colour. Go for a a shadow which is the opposite of your eye colour, this’ll bring the colour of your eyes out more. For example, on blue eyes, try shades like browns and coppers. For brown eyes try purples and greens!

Applying A Matte Lipstick on Dry Lips

Matte lips are super hot right now, but before you try them for yourself, there are a couple of things you MUST do, or your lips will just look .. well, flaky and terrible. It's simple really, you should exfoliate your lips to remove dry, dead skin cells (just use an old toothbrush in small circular motions for this) and follow with a lip balm for hydration, this will give smooth lips and a smooth application!

Storing Your Makeup in the Bathroom

You'd think it would make sense to keep your products where you spend most time getting ready, right? Unfortunately, not. Storing makeup in the bathroom where you take showers can make products more prone to collecting bacteria. Humidity and bacteria are best pals, so it'll grow more easily in this environment. Make sure to store your makeup and makeup brushes in a cool, dry area to prevent spreading bacteria onto your face.

Sleeping in your Makeup

We spoke about the horrors of sleeping in your makeup in our recent post, but seriously,  sleeping in your makeup is probably the worst thing you can do for your skin!  As you are fast asleep, your skin goes through a renewing process so, wearing makeup to bed not only clogs your pores, it can also age skin by taking out all of your skin’s moisture, causing wrinkles! Eeesh! 

Wearing A Waterproof Mascara Everyday

Waterproof mascara is a Godsend for those times where you don’t want your mascara running down your face; think swimming on holiday or dancing in a hot nightclub. However, wearing a waterproof mascara every day will dry out your lashes and make them brittle, causing lashes to break off and look short! Stick to a regular mascara for daily use and only use waterproof ones on necessary occasions.

Not Setting your Concealer

Concealer is great for disguising dark circles and blemishes, but if you don't set it correctly is can begin to crease throughout the day - giving it away! After applying your fave concealer, set it with a very light dusting of translucent powder to keep it perfect all day.

Applying Your Makeup in the Wrong Lighting

There is nothing more embarrassing than doing your makeup first thing in the morning, feeling great all day and then suddenly seeing yourself in natural lighting and realising it is patchy and muddy! Doing your makeup in unnatural light, like bathroom lighting, is a huge no-no because it creates a harsh atmosphere that can make you put way too much on. Try applying your makeup in a room with the most natural lighting or investing in a ring light to provide a natural light on those dark winter mornings.

Keeping Makeup for Too Long

You can find all the details on how long you should be keeping your makeup in our recent post . Essentially, keeping (and using) makeup for too long can cause it to 'go off'. It can change colour, begin to smell, not last as long once applied and even cause skin irritations and problems. As much as you may love your makeup, you aren't doing yourself any favours by hoarding it year after year so be sure to throw it out once it expires and treat yourself to something new.

Skipping on Skincare

If you want soft, clear skin which ages well then a good skincare routine is the way forward.  Not only will the right skincare help you to avoid breakouts, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, it also will prep your skin for your foundation and concealer to go on smoothly and flawlessly. After just a short amount of time using your skincare routine, you will see a huge upgrade in how your makeup goes on to your skin. It is never to early (or too late) to start learning how to use eye creams, toners or moisturiser, so start caring for your skin now to prevent any further signs of ageing!

 What are your top tips for perfecting your beauty regimine? Do you have any faux pas to add to the list? Share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Insta. And don't forget that all of the brushes shown here can be found in our online store!